Halloween Family Costumes: Alice in Wonderland


Something fun this year! As an extension of our couples costumes Halloween series, this year we’re also sharing some ideas for family of three costumes. There is nothing cuter than dressing up a baby for Halloween, especially when it’s an excuse to dress up yourselves!

First up are the classic characters from Alice in Wonderland: Alice, the White Rabbit and a fun sized Queen of Hearts (with a much more pleasant disposition and hopefully less tantrums). All of the ideas this week can easily be transitioned into a larger family group as well. For this Alice in Wonderland theme you could add on a Mad Hatter, Cheshire cat, and a couple kids dressed as oversized face cards. This doesn’t have to be for a family either, a group of friends could pull this off too!



Keep reading to see more details on this family costume…

Big thanks to our family models this year, Matt, Heather and baby May Mildenstein! They were such troopers (especially little May). Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen and her assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


For Alice: thrifted blue dress, costume apron, white tights, thrifted shoes, satin headband from Michaels, with a satin bow tie added as bow. Props: cakes and cookies to munch on (now are you on board??), playing cards.




For the White Rabbit: Velvet jacket, vintage plaid vest, vintage bow tie, gray slacks, brown dress shoes, thrifted clock and craft chain sprayed gold, costume ears.


alice in wonderland costume

For the Mini Queen of Hearts: Red dress (Baby Gap), heart tights (Target), vintage shoes, small white paper pinwheel added as collar, crown (Michaels), heart scepter made with a balloon stick, plastic heart, and a white cupcake liner turned upside down.



What do you think? Do you dress up with your family or friends? What ideas do you have up your sleeve for family costumes this year?


This is adorable! I wish I had a family so I could do this costume.

Maybe I’ll have to convince some of my friends to do it, or will have to save it for the future 😉

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