Dry Cleaning Printable Laundry Bag

printable dry cleaning bag
A few months ago I partnered with Tide Pods to make a set of Darks and Lights labeled laundry bags. I love how they turned out so I was excited to make another for dry cleaning. The darks and lights bags are great for carrying clothes to the washer and back but the dry cleaning one is even more practical in my mind since that’s the trip that often means juggling arms full of clothes in addition to your purse, keys and in my case, a baby on my hip. For tough stains at home the little Tide Pods do a great job, but for more delicate dry clean only fabrics, a designated dry cleaning bag can make those trips so much easier.

printable dry cleaning bag

printable dry cleaning bag

After the jump you can download this free printable to make your own dry cleaning bag!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson

This post is sponsored by Tide.

 Here’s how to make one: 

1. Download the illustrated hand drawn dry cleaning image here (it’s flipped already).

2. Print it onto light inkjet iron on transfer paper.

3. You can buy giant laundry bags here for $4.84 each. I just threw them in the wash to soften up the stiff muslin with Tide Pods and they came out super soft and smelling amazing!


3. Cut around the design.

printable dry cleaning bag

4. Using the instructions on the package, iron the design onto your laundry bag and peel the paper off the back.

printable dry cleaning bag

Have you used Tide Pods? They’re great! Super easy to just throw one pod into the wash without risk of spills and messes and they work great on stains. One less thing to worry about with the daily laundry routine. You can buy Tide Pods at Target.

printable dry cleaning bag


I actually started using pods when I taught my five and seven year old how to do their own laundry. It made them completely independent because I didn’t have to pour the detergent for them! And yes, my five year old son does his own laundry. It’s heaven.

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