DIY Spider Treat Bucket

DIY halloween spider treat bucket
I have another fun little video today! This time it’s a easy Halloween craft to create this totally creepy, spooky spider treat bucket for your festive Halloween table or for handing out candy to daring trick or treaters on the night of the 31st. Watch the short video below to see the whole tutorial and keep reading for more details on this project!

Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks. Craft and concept by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


Black foam pumpkin (found at my local craft store)
Oversized pipe cleaners (also from my local craft store)
Exact-o knife
Serrated Bread knife
Chalkboard pen (the best invention)
Bag of candy

Step 1: With the chalkboard pen, mark where you’ll cut the top off (similar to carving a real pumpkin). Use your serrated kitchen knife to cut and remove the top.

Step 2: Mark dots with the chalkboard pen where the four legs will go on each side. About 1-2 inches apart. Make sure to leave plenty of room in front for the spooky spider face.

Step 3: Cut small holes with an exact-o knife to fit the pipe cleaners and then insert inside.

Step 4: Decorate your spooky spider face with the chalkboard pen and fill with your favorite candy

DIY halloween spider treat bucket


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