DIY Autumn Leaf Soaps

make your own soaps

Have you ever tried making your own soaps? After researching the topic I was shocked how easy they were to DIY and what a nice, simple touch they are next to the faucet or for bath time with the kids. Also, wouldn’t they make amazing gifts for the holidays too all packaged up? Just be sure they know that they’re soap and not candy! Using mini cookie cutters you could create any shape you want. We made these in the shape and colors of fall leaves.

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Block of glycerin soap (I bought this 2 lb block from amazon)
Food coloring
Essential oils (optional)
Cake pans, one per color
Cookie cutters (I used the leaf shapes from this mini harvest cookie cutter set)

homemade soaps

Step 1: Cut glycerin soap into chunks and melt over a double boiler or microwave until melted.

Step 2: Pour equally amongst three mixing bowls, or one per color (in my case it was three) and add food coloring to each until desired color is achieved. Add a favorite essential oil if you want at this point too.

homemade soaps

Step 3: Soap will begin to solidify very quickly as it cools so pour it fast into the cake pans once the color is mixed. Make sure the height is just a bit shorter than the height of your cookie cutter which might require measuring beforehand. We marked a line where we thought the soap liquid should go.

Step 4: Let cool completely for about an hour or two. Move them to the freezer until the edges begin to pull away from the pan, just like a cake would when it’s cooked through. It took our soap about 20-30 minutes in the freezer.

homemade soaps

Step 5: The soaps should pop out pretty easily. Lay them on some parchment paper.

homemade soaps

Step 6: Grab your cookie cutters and get cutting. You need to push down hard but it should just pop out afterwards. No need to rush through this part.

homemade soaps

You can melt the soap scraps afterwards and re-cut more shapes (we made pumpkin and apples too).

homemade soaps


This post is sponsored by Delta Shower Doors, an easy to use tool to help you design and customize the perfect shower door to upgrade your bathroom. 

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


Does the food color in those cute little soaps discolor your hands? I love them but am curious if the color transfers. They would still be cute just for decoration and scent in the bathroom.

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