A Registry List for Baby Number 2


I remember distinctly a couple years ago sitting down and sorting through Henry’s old baby clothes trying to decide what was really special enough to keep with the little storage we had. This was done with the heavy realization that all of this keeping around might be for nothing, as we were at the height of our years of struggle with secondary infertility. I had bins and bins of clothes and baby gear from his infancy, but when sorting through them most were stained, too worn, or really out of date. It was tearful to go through all these clothes, bringing back sweet memories of our baby boy but also the painful reality that we might not be able to have another. I wasn’t able to let go of much at that time. Most went right back into the closet.

Fast forward to a year or so later: Finally being pregnant again and having made it through the first and second trimester, I pulled those boxes out and approached it with a more pragmatic eye. Most of the clothes were either too masculine or too worn/stained. Most toys were either small and cheap or old enough that they were tossed. We still had some big pieces of gear like the breast pump, lounge seat, stroller, etc. Besides that though, I had a lot of shopping to do for baby number two…

One of my very favorite photographers and a dear friend, Rachel Thurston, spent the good part of the day with us a few weeks back before she packed up her sweet LA based family and moved to Kauai. We just got the images back and I’m excited to share them with you bit by bit here on Say Yes. Above is one of my favorites. 


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The main difference I’ve seen for myself and others shopping for baby number two is that the large gear items have been saved and stored, like a crib, stroller, rocker, car seat. That is, if they’re good enough quality and there’s room to put them somewhere. Otherwise, what’s left on a baby number two registry is clothing. Toys. Smaller gear items like a noise maker, monitor, bibs. In addition, we’ve got replaceable items like diapers, lotions, soap, etc. It all adds up! Here is a comprehensive list of some favorites for baby number two from all the work I’ve done with Target these past few months and some other items on my wish list:

target registry

sleep sack
basic long sleeve tee
the BEST leggings
zipper sleepers
white onesies
baby cap

teething bracelet
stroller toy
Baby Einstein
sophie the giraffe
stuffed bunny

baby blanket
sheep white noise maker
video monitor
swaddle blankets
crib sheet

diaper ointment

baby food pouches
puff snacks
formula and snack holder
carseat mirror
diaper bag


For those of you that have had more than one child, how has the second wave of purchasing been different? What things did you keep, what did you toss? What did you need to buy?

Graphics by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Rachel Thurston


Some of my favorite things the second time around were: muslin swaddling blankets, a double stroller (Phil & Teds), a new diaper bag, extra cloth diapers (I didn’t cloth diaper my first until she was 9 months old, so I needed some smaller ones), and I wish I had a video monitor, though I never ended up getting one.

Great list! I keep most stuff too. Clothes I always keep too much

Good list. I definitely thing it would be easier to get stuff the second time around. I am already mentally making a list for myself for baby number 2 who isn’t going to come for a few years.

I bought way less, but I was smarter with what I purchased i think for the second baby

A great list! I feel like shopping for baby 2 is more fun- more clothes/toys and you know what you need this time around!

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