Baby Wearing Adventures: Morning Walk in Muir Woods

This post is part of a series on Baby Wearing Adventures in and around San Francisco. It’s in collaboration with Ergobaby and Orbit. Find more of our adventures right here.


About 30 minutes across Golden Gate bridge and winding down deep into the forest towards the ocean is a beautiful Redwood Grove called Muir Woods. I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed with these giant trees, if you remember.  This grove gets overrun with tourists during midday but if you hit it right in the morning or right before sundown, it’s a really beautiful, peaceful, magical place to wander and explore. In this baby wearing adventure Henry, Edie and I spent a quiet morning there a couple weeks ago. Here are a few pictures capturing it.


muir woods_ergo_orbit

This time we tried Edie in the back carry position in our Ergo 360 Four Position Carrier. It was one of my first times trying it and it’s pretty life changing: free hands +free front for cleaning, cooking, carrying other things!


Miss Edie Jean. She speaks for the trees, “Dadada da da”



Keep reading to see more photos from the morning and the best baby car seat invention…

Photography by fabulous North bay based photographer Lorena Fernandez.

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When we arrived that morning I unloaded Edie out of the car from the Orbit G3 infant car seat. I know this is a sponsored post but I honestly was so floored by this thing. Check it out guys: it swivels so you can unload and load with baby facing you (genius, right??).  20140812_Muir_Wood_093As if that feature alone wasn’t enough, it was by far the easiest installation and the more secure seat I’ve had. There’s a big knob that tightens it on the back once you clip it into the the metal loops. It’s the most convenient, secure, and safe car seat I’ve used. The price point is higher than regular car seats but I’m convinced it’s worth it. You can see a video of the swivel action on my instagram today. Surprised I’d never heard of this car seat before, have you?

muir woods_ergo_orbit

Once we unloaded the car I secured Edie into the carrier on my back. This carry position was a little nerve wracking to try since I had never done it with Henry as a baby. ErgoBaby kindly sent over an instructor one evening but turns out it was way easier than I anticipated. One try and I felt like a pro! There’s also a great instructional video by ErgoBaby on how to do the back carry position right here.

muir woods_ergo_orbit

muir woods_ergo_orbit

Once in the park we made a plan to do the left wide loop and then hit the large trees at the end. Henry always insists I read the plaques out loud (and sometimes he corrects me- he’s getting to be a great reader himself!)

muir woods_ergo_orbit muir woods_ergo_orbit


There’s a pretty river that runs through the middle of the forest with several bridges to cross (or daringly run) along the way.

muir woods_ergo_orbit


Nothing is more thrilling than stepping inside a giant tree. That’s always Henry’s favorite part too. For some reason I always wonder what it would be to spend a night there!


20140812_Muir_Wood_045 20140812_Muir_Wood_047A

Towards the end Edie got sleepy so I flipped her around to the front carry so she could fall asleep all comfy cozy against my chest (which is the sweetest feeling in the world btw).


20140812_Muir_Wood_059 20140812_Muir_Wood_066

We sat and took a rest for a few minutes while I retold the plot of one of my favorite films that takes place in a Redwood Grove, The Gnome Mobile. A classic old Disney movie worth a family movie night if you’ve never seen it. It wasn’t too  exciting of a story for Edie, she fell asleep pretty fast.


I think Henry got jealous of his little sister getting all the carrying time when we walked back to the car.


When we got back to the car Edie managed to stay asleep while I carefully transferred her back into the Orbit car seat. It really is crazy how much easier it is to get her in and out with this swivel action. I really wonder how I did without this amazing invention.

All in all, a great outing out of the city.  Next time, I’m hoping to convince Henry to do a longer loop hike that heads over to Muir beach. There are a lot more trails to explore here, we’ll be back soon!


I love Muir Woods! My family took a visit when we were near San Francisco for a wedding. We got there in the evening and I was surprised by how empty and serene it was, but I suppose most of the tourists get there in the middle of the day like you mentioned. We even got to see an owl and we think it might have been the endangered species that lives in the woods! Owls are my favorite so I was pretty pumped. Also, John Muir is one of my idols, he was so instrumental in the forming of our National Parks!
I’ll have to look for The Gnome Mobile, I can’t believe there’s a Disney movie out there that I haven’t seen!

I completely agree about the Orbit G3 infant carseat. We also received it for review and a few sponsored posts (one of which will be up this week). This is one carseat that I am convinced is simply amazing. We have been using my daughter’s (she is also an Edie) chicco carseat in my parents rental while they are here and let me tell you after a month of using the Orbit and then using the Chicco for the past few days I would say hands down that the Orbit is so worth the extra money. You really do get what you paid for. My one month old son also LOVES the Orbit and isn’t so fond of the Chicco.

Also beautiful photos!

Orbit car seats are innovative in style, BUT they’re not as green as they claim to be! I’ve learned by way of Duke testing that they test positive for FRs, among other known carcinogens that they claim are NOT used in their car seats. Very disappointing, especially for their high price point.

I love Muir Woods! Captured it beautifully. Lovely photos. That new ergo looks dreamy

Love that you referenced The Gnome Mobile–one of my childhood favorites, too! I’ve been to Muir Woods once and it really is lovely. I especially loved the photography in this post.. such sweet captures in that pretty light!

Love this! Gorgeous pictures. That car seat looks amazing and nice work on the back carry!

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