After School Kid Crafts: DIY Spin Art + Giveaway!

DIY spin art

Another fun after school kid craft today, and it’s one of our very favorites: spin art in a salad spinner! It’s a great activity for all ages, Henry’s loved this since he was little. Something kind of special this time, we made a little video of the project instead of the traditional still photos. We have three other video projects to come in October, I’m excited to share them with you! Enjoy:

Big thanks to Jenner Brown of Luminex films for shooting the video, Rebecca Ricks for the graphics, and to Henry’s friends Cassius and Cain for joining in on our after school crafting fun.


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My favorite thing this summer was when Dalton folded a dollar bill into a heart. I put it on the fridge at my grandparent’s house.

The kids helped every Thursday and Friday at our church food pantry.

My Kids Fridge Worthy Moment This Past Summer Was Summer Camp They Both Learned To Swim!

My daughter went to children’s church for the first time during summer, we were very proud of all the things she learned and of the crafts she made

What a fun activity! And my picky eater could sure use a boost in nutrition.

Mine did one of those reading programs, where they read books in return for prizes. My daughter ended up reading over 200 hours-that’s a pretty fridgeworthy moment!

My babes are still pretty little so we haven’t tried that many crafty projects yet, but we can’t wait to try spin art in a salad spinner!

We just finished doing this — so much fun, and my 2, 8 and 9 year olds all enjoyed in their own way!

I’m excited to try this with my little girl. Thanks for sharing this!:)

This is so cute liz, excited to see what other projects are up your sleeve!

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