DIY Back to School Paint Chip Calendar

paint chip calendar office depot

Henry takes after me in that he likes having a schedule and knowing what’s coming up. As a back to school project I thought it would be fun to create a family calendar together that he can help decorate as our routine starts back up and our fall plans start solidifying.

paint chip calendar office depot

He has a wonderful teacher this year who focuses a lot on schedules and the class calendar (I’d recommend watching stories of inspiring teachers on Office Depot’s youtube channel too if you have a minute). Because of this, I thought a family calendar this would be a fun extension of what he was already doing in his classroom. Inspired by all the pretty sharpie colors and paint chips we rolled up our sleeves and got started…

I received these products to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. Check out Office Depot for more info about #TeachersChangeLives and a discount on some of my favorite products I used in this post. 

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

paint chip calendar office depot


Sharpie finepoint markers
Sharpie chisel top markers
Papermate inkjoy pens
Round pushpins
Paint chips
Card stock

paint chip calendar office depot

Step 1: Cut a bunch of paint chips and decide on a color scheme for that month.

paint chip calendar office depot

Step 2: Writing on card stock with the thick Sharpie chisel top markers and Sharpie finepoint markers, we wrote the month and days of the week, and days of the month onto the paint chip pieces. I love the versatility of being to write big bold strokes (for the month) and small thin strokes for the days and other details.

paint chip calendar office depot

Step 3: We used the round pushpins to secure the pieces to the board and started to decorate the days with the Papermate injoy pens and Sharpie finepoint markers.

paint chip calendar office depot

Step 4: Hang it on the wall to enjoy. Decorating and cutting paint chips will be a fun project to do with Henry at the beginning of each coming month. We are both looking forward to it!

paint chip calendar office depot



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If you didn’t want to cut up paint chips every month, you could even cover the chips in sticky back plastic, making them into mini whiteboards and use with dry erase markers. Then just wipe off the info at the end of every month.

Leftover chips from a paint project, sure, absolutely! But otherwise, chips are not really “free.” Someone pays for them — the paint companies who budget for making an amount of chips to provide in good faith to those who are shopping for paint.

Such a beautiful way to celebrate the family calendar. Pretty choices too. I love the discussion on instagram too. So many ways to support teachers

Yet another beautiful project! Love the color combination you choose too.

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