10 Road Trip Activities for Kids

road trip activities-02

Any family road trips planned the next few weeks? We are headed to Santa Cruz on Thursday (but shhhhh it’s a surprise so don’t tell Henry!) and next weekend we’re going camping in the Sierras. I thought I’d collect a few ideas on entertaining kids for those long boring hours on the road. Devices are great (seriously what did we do without them growing up?) but too much of that can make anyone car sick and there’s gotta be a better idea than cramming a whole month worth of screen time into a one day period. So, how do you make those hours fly by? We’ve collected some fun and creative ideas to make road trips more enjoyable, including one of my favorites above that my sister Becca made last summer: a printable travel bingo game.

road trip activities-01

Keep reading for the links!

1. Printable family trivia game
2. Game kit in a tackle box (I love all the stuff they packed in here!)
3. Mini train table (hint… it’s a box lid!)
4. On the go packs
5. Tin mouse house pattern
6. Magnetic patterns book (from my series last summer on car game ideas)
7. I spy license plates
8. Tic tac toe (also from my series last summer)
9. Travel packs
10. Travel bingo printable (top image)

How do you entertain the kids in the car on long road trips? Any favorite games or tips? Also, remember the fun game MASH?


Such cute ideas! I can’t wait till my kids are a bit older. We went on a road trip last weekend and my son (under two) threw or ripped up every toy/book I tried to give him:)

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