How to Make a Boho Beach Tent

boho beach tent

When we were vacationing in Kauai last fall I remember seeing this sweet family on the beach playing with their toddler all morning. Around noon when the child was tired they collected four sticks and made an easy little beach tent with a sheet instead of lugging a big beach umbrella. The baby napped in the shade while they continued to enjoy the noon sun. It was so sweet and I loved the simplicity of it. I made a mental note that I wanted to give it a try myself too. It’s a fun activity for the family too,: foraging for sticks, digging sand, pouring water, tying. A job for everyone!


Here’s how we did it…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Maddie Bachelder



Step 1: Collect a few big sticks.  You want them to be all about the same size. If you’re making the tent for an infant they don’t have to be big, but if you’re making it for an adult or older children you’ll probably want to find large ones like the ones we found here.

You’ll also want to have a bucket for water to secure the sticks in the sand and a sheet or light towel (like this turkish one)


Step 2: Fill the bucket with water and set aside.


Step 3: Lay out the blanket so you know where the stick pillars need to be set and dig a deep hole with your hand or a shovel. Our holes were about a food deep and pretty narrow.


Step 4: Stick your sticks into the sand and then pour water to fill up about half of the hole (below)



Step 5: Fill the rest of the hole with sand and gently push it against and around the stick


Step 6: If your blanket has fringe you can wrap the fringe around the sticks. If not you can use hair ties or if the sheet is big enough you can just make bunny ears in the corners and tie them around.





That’s it! A lovely and simple way to spend the afternoon at the beach.

PS My tutorial for that DIY indigo dyed blanket above right here


Adorable Liz! Totally remembering this for the next time we go to the beach. My kids would have a blast making one of these (and then probably knocking it down too).

These photos crack me up! It’s supposed to be a sun shade, but the poor model looks like she’s freezing in the gloomy weather. She should use the towel over her shoulders instead.

LOVE this idea! It can be so annoying carrying an umbrella back and forth from the beach. This also looks like it covers more area than a typical beach umbrella!

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