DIY Woven Necklace

by guest contributor Lindsey of Hello Hydrangea

DIY woven necklace

Weaving is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day. The monotonous back-and-forth motion provides room for me to think and relax, while still expressing my creativity. Sometimes I run into a design block need a rest from one of my large tapestries… but I don’t want to stop weaving. I found the perfect project. It is done in under an hour, and can be worn around my neck to show off my favorite past time. Plus, it is the perfect way to learn about the skill on a miniature scale!
make your own woven necklace

Instructions after the jump…

woven necklace materials


4”x6” piece of cardboard
duct tape
cotton twine
large needle
thin leather strip

woven necklace Instructions 1


1.Before you can begin to weave you need to make a miniature loom. Grab your piece of cardboard and wrap duct tape around the two furthest edges. Use a ruler to make 10 marks, about 1/8” apart, on each side and then cut a small slit where each mark is placed. Double up your thread and wrap it tightly around the loom. The slits will hold your warp (vertical) strings in place!

2.Feel free to take your own unique twist on the design of your weave! Here, I started with a thin strip of leather. Always begin a new weft (horizontal) stitch from the center and work out using a simple ‘over,
under’ technique. When you decide that you are done with a certain color end the stitch in the center and cut it. Always push your weft strings together so that the stitches stay tightly together. This will ensure that your ends don’t come loose.

3.To start a new color, remember to begin from the center! Continue moving your string back and forth alternating ‘over, under’. Sometimes it helps to use a needle for quick stitching.

4.If you come to a point where you want to add a bead simply thread your string through the bead’s hole and continue moving ‘over, under’ to hold it in place.

woven necklace Instructions 2

5.Keep stitching until you have decided that your weave is long enough. 1.5” – 2” is a good length. Finish your last stitch in the center and trim your end.

6.Cut your warp strings across the back of your piece of cardboard. Loosen them from the slits that hold them tight and knot them on the bottom and top of your weave to keep it tightly together.

7.Tie the ends of your top warp strings onto something straight and stiff. Here I used a skinny piece of hammered metal, but you can also use a strong piece of wire or even a small stick.

8.Trim the ends of your bottom warps to about 1”. Use wire to attach your jewelry chain to your hammered metal by slipping the wire through your knots and tightly winding the ends onto the chain.

diy woven necklace
This miniature woven necklace has become one of my favorite accessories! It is casual and chic and definitely a statement piece. You can wear it alone or as part of a layer, but you will be sure to get compliments.
If you want to embellish the necklace further come visit me at Hello Hydrangea and get some golden ideas!


This was one of my very first times weaving, and it came out great! I used a light baby blue embroidery thread and separated the threads on the bottom using a toothbrush. I’m thinking I might embroider something or bead it. Thank you for the tutorial!

Hi there. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m a real novice from South Africa with a tiny JEWELLERY making, handmade collection in semi precious stone. I love the weaving and have just started. My question is this, once u start weaving and want t add a color do u just stop in the muddle and carry on with next coloring. I’m scared it will pull loose. Don’t u have to knot the two colors. Your input would be so helpful. Thank u so much. Do u ever weave with chain? If so what size please. Are your weaves with gold or silver thread only. No actual chain. Thank u in advance merryl

Do you tie the new types of string together or simply push them tight together?

Hi I hope m e mail went thru to u. Please let me know grateful thanks

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