DIY Travel Journal

by guest contributor and my assistant Sara of Alice and Lois


Summer is all about going on adventures to new places, visiting family and friends and creating wonderful memories. What better way to capture those memories than with a handmade travel journal. This is so easy to make and you more than likely have all the supplies at home! We made quite a few in no time (so that means that I will keep wonderful record of all of our summer adventures, right?!)! We used a basic three-hole pamphlet book binding technique, super simple to do!

Keep reading for the full tutorial…

DIY Travel Journal



old atlas
card stock paper
printer paper
embroidery needle and thread
awl (optional)

diy travel journal cover


Step 1. Make the cover – Cut card stock to 4.25 x 6.75. Cut your desired map from the Atlas, using the card stock as a pattern. We chose states that we would be traveling to this summer.
Step 2. Glue the map on the card stock. (Tip: Just paint on glue around the outer edge of the cardstock so you don’t get a bubbled cover)

travel journal


Step 1. Make inside sheets – Using the card stock cover, trace sheets of paper. Cut a bit inside the line so the inside sheets are smaller than the cover. We cut 8 pieces.
Step 2. Fold the pages in half and stack them together. Fold the cover in half. Place pages inside of the cover.
Step 3. Using ruler, mark a spot in the middle of the fold. Then mark an inch above and below. These marks will be your sewing spots. Using your needle (or awl) make holes through all of the sheets of paper.
Step 4. Thread needle and put needle through the middle hole from the inside. Leave a few inches of thread to tie off at the end.

DIY journal

Step 5. Put the needle through the top hole and pull until snug.
Step 6. Pull needle back through middle hole.
Step 7. Put needle through (front) of third hole.

diy travel journal

Step 8. Tuck needle under top stitch and pull snug. Tie off the ends and double knot and trim.


Enjoy your travels and happy summer!

All photos by Melissa Fenlon.


I LOVE THIS! I’ll just end up making hundreds of these! Haha! xx They are really pretty, and doesn’t recruiter a lot of work – Thank you for sharing! ^__^

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