3 Cute Popsicle Stick Crafts

best popsicle stick crafts

Nothing is more nostalgic of summer camp than popsicle stick crafts! We took a modern spin on the classic popsicle stick creations to make a fun summer scene. Keep reading for more details and tips on making these popsicle stick projects yourself…

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Photography by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Maddie Bachelder



popsicle stick crafts

Striped Roof Cottage:

The trick is simply to line up the popsicle sticks and add a couple horizontal sticks in the back to keep them together. That way you don’t have to actually glue all those sticks along the thin connections. Such a time saver!

We used a small pairing knife to break the popsicle sticks and a toothpick and strips of fabric for the curtains.


popsicle stick crafts

Row boat and oars:

Bending the popsicle sticks took a little practice. You had to bend them just enough, but not too much that they’ll snap! Once they’re bent they stay that way. We added two popsicle sticks underneath for the bottom of the boat and toothpicks with washi tape for the oars.

popsicle stick crafts


These were the simplest of all! Henry had a great time creating and decorating his own ‘fleet’. Simple glue two popsicle sticks to the top of a clothespin. Use washi tape, markers, or paint to decorate your planes.

Henry insisted afterwards that the pathway to the lake needed a bench. He’s been home this week with strep throat so I’ve had a little assistant shadowing me:







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