DIY Star Stamped Bandana

DIY star stamped bandana

The closer July 4th gets, the more I’m drawn to stars, stripes, blue and white (oh how pervasive Martha’s seasonal influence can be!). This DIY star bandana is a fun way to dress a little festive for the fourth but also stylish. I’d love to make a skirt version too for Edie to wear! We’ve talked about making handmade stamps before, but I thought we’d try a different method that actually ended up working out even better and requires no special trip to the craft store.

DIY star stamped bandana

DIY star stamped bandana

Keep reading to see how we made it…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Stamping, hemming, and modeling by Sara Albers.  Assisted and superior bubble blowing by Jordan Wise

PS Indigo dyed blanket tutorial right here from last month’s picnic week


Step 1: Draw a star onto the back of a pencil eraser.


Step 2: Carve out with an exact-o knife.


Step 3: Stamp randomly with navy fabric paint onto some cotton fabric (we used 100% cotton sheeting)

DIY star stamped bandana

Step 4: Hem and tie!

DIY star stamped bandana


DIY star stamped bandana


This is so cute. Perfect for the Fourth. What were the dimensions of the fabric?

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