DIY 4th of July Parade Candy Pouches

by guest craft contributor Caitlin of The Merrythought

candy bags

What’s better on the Fourth of July than watching a parade with your little ones?! The firetrucks, the floats, the marching band, and, of course, the candy! This year, you won’t have to stuff your pockets full of candy that’s sure to melt and leave a gooey mess. Make a mini pouch for each of your kiddos and their friends so that can stash their loot and carry it around with them.

diy candy pouch

keep reading for instructions…

What you need:
-Sewing Machine
-Cotton Cord
-Fabric Paint
-Fine Paint Brush

diy candy bags
How to make it:
-Cut two pieces of fabric 10″ x 6.5″. You can make them the same fabric or two different kinds.
-Place front sides facing in (towards each other) and straight stitch 1/4″ in on one 10″ side.
4th of july candy bags
-Open up fabric with inside up.
-Iron in 1/4″ from the other two 10″ sides.
diy candy bags
-Fold down and iron 1″ from top.
parade candy bags
-Keep open and sew a straight stitch across the top about 3/4″ down the part you ironed down.
diy candy bags
-Fold back in half with the wrong-side out and stitch along the bottom of the pouch and along the 1/4″ side that you ironed in. Stop sewing when you get to the stitching along the top (should be 3/4″ from the top.)
diy parade candy bags
-Turn pouch right-side out and thread cord through the top seam.
4th of july candy bags
-Tie knot in the end of the cord.

fourth of july bags
-Use paint brush and fabric paint to paint on the design/saying that you want. If you need to, use a pencil to sketch out or trace your design beforehand.