Printable Happy Birthday Crowns

printable birthday crowns

Birthday crowns are such classic party attire, but sometimes the designs can be overkill and cheesy. I asked my sister Becca, a super talented illustrator, to make a version that’s simple, printable and perfect for kid and adult parties alike.

printable birthday crowns

printable birthday crowns


Hand lettering by Becca Ricks. Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Thank you to these sweet bff cousins, Harper and Calla, for modeling


1. Download the pdf of the happy birthday crowns here. It’s set for legal size paper, 8.5 x 14 inches. We found that a thicker watercolor paper or card stock worked best though to print on. We bought a pad of larger watercolor paper and cut it down a bit to fit the printer size, 8.5 width.

2. You can either cut out the black lines or leave them in (we decided to cut them out, and used them only as a guide).


3. Now.  You can either leave them plain black/white as we did, or you can let the kids decorate them. Would be a fun party activity too!

printable happy birthday crowns

4. Make two holes on the sides with a hole punch and string ribbon or yarn through them to tie in the back.

Party time!

printable birthday crowns

printable birthday crowns


printable birthday crowns



thank you for sharing this lovely idea! I followed the instruction, but the template as I printed out the pointing edge are narrow, taller, not wider and big like yours:(

Oh I love these, so cute and a great party activity. The watercolor and ribbons are a nice touch

Oh thank you so very much for this – I teach high school and I have an Advisory class that stays with me for their 4 years in the school. A great opportunity to build community and blah blah blah…but they have expressed a desire to celebrate birthdays once a month. I am thinking first weeks of school we all make one crown, I store them away and when it is their month with give the birthday peep(s) a random crown and a song. Woooo

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