Printable Coloring Wrapping Paper for Mothers Day

printable floral wrapping paper

During my maternity leave, Melanie contributed this great post about making a coloring wrapping paper for the holidays. Such a cute idea! My talented sister Becca has been intro drawing florals lately so I asked her to draw this floral patterned wrapping paper for Mothers Day that you can download and print. Then comes the fun part! You can channel your inner ponytail grade schooler and color it yourself, or round up some kids for a fun afternoon project. I love the versatility of coloring the whole thing, part, or none at all! All options are lovely I think, and not just for Mothers Day.

printable floral wrapping paper

Keep reading to get the download and instructions for printing…

Hand drawn floral design by Becca Ricks. Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

1. Download and save this floral design. It’s 24 x 36 inches which is a good wrapping paper size.

2. Take it to a print center (like Kinkos, Staples, etc) and ask to print an engineering print. Easiest thing to do is email it to them and pick it up. Or you can show up with a thumb drive. Prices range depending on where you go from about $3 to $5 a sheet.


3. Get out your markers or crayons and color away! We tried watercolor too but found the paper was too thin for that.

printable floral wrapping paper

4. Wrap and gift away!

printable floral wrapping paper


Es tan lindo y agradezco infinitamente su aportación, también es perfecto para una niña que llega a los 14, lo usaré para envolver cada libro que mi hija tendrá de regalo, me han resuelto un gran problema.

Wauw… I love it! Thanks for the download en your sister did a good job.
Greetings from the Netherlands,

Oh this is so beautiful, i love it! I think just plain black and white is gorgeous too

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