DIY Knee Patch Tights

DIY knee patch tights

I love the look of knee patches on little leggings and tights. It’s usually a bit chilly here (even in the summer) so Edie wears tights under almost all her dresses. I thought it would be fun to paint some mismatched patches onto her tights to give them a little more rugrat character.

DIY knee patch tights

DIY knee patch tights

Also, remember the polka dot tights we made? She wears them all the time.

And one more of this delicious baby cakes:


Keep reading to see how to make a pair for a baby (or yourself)…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers



Freezer paper
Fabric paint
Foam brush


Step 1: Draw and then cut out the ovals from your freezer paper. Iron on the stencil to the tights.

Step 2: Stretch the tights a bit and tape them to your work table.


Step 3: Apply your fabric paint in 2-3 coats (depending on the color)

Step 4: Let dry and squeeze those baby thighs into them!



I assume you put something in the tights? so it wouldn’t bleed through?

Oh she is just PRECIOUS. where is that dress from? And that blanket is so sweet

Hi Kim! The dress is a (fantastic) thrift store find, and the blanket is a old family quilt we had restored from her great great great grandmother Elizabeth she’s named after 🙂

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