DIY Glow stick balloons

diy glow stick balloons

Last week when Henry was cooped up in the house I broke out my glow stick bracelets and we made some glow in the dark balloons one night. We waited until it was dark enough and then had a glow in the dark balloon fight. It was so much fun, we might just have to make it a weekly movie night tradition! So easy and simple, this would be awesome for a kids party. Let the kids throw them around like wild, or string them up for decor!  Or. Get a helium machine and fill the ceiling with them for a birthday. I can’t wait to experiment more with these.

glow stick balloons

Here’s how we made these for less than $2…


1. I bought white balloons and blew them up while Henry cracked some glow in the dark bracelets (this tube of 100 for $8) so they glowed. When I broke down the cost, these 10 we made cost less than $2. You could make a whole room full of them for 10 or 20 bucks. Easy and cheap!

2. We then stuck two bracelets inside each balloon. This made the balloon deflate a bit, so we blew it up a bit afterwards and tied a knot. Done! They glowed for hours, much to Henry’s delight.

diy glow stick balloons

diy glow stick balloons


diy glow stick balloons

diy glow stick balloons


Michael Faraday used balloons for his experiments at the Royal Institution in London. Now, kids use them for fun. Though years back in the 19th century, balloons helped the scientist do his hydrogen projects.

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My 18 month old will love this! He just started loving balloons in general, so this would be even more fun!

Please do not use balloons around children 3 years old and younger. They are choking hazards. If the balloon breaks while they are near or mouthing it the pieces can choke the child. Every child puts things in their mouth no matter how close we watch them.

I like the idea with using helium and having them float up above at a party. Very clever!

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