DIY Cloth Picnic Games

DIY cloth picnic games

Hey! More fun stuff for picnic week. In case you missed it: Monday Brittany shared her tips for making the perfect picnic sandwich, yesterday I shared 3 favorite homemade veggie dips, Ashley found some perfect picnic outfits earlier today, and now we have DIY cloth picnic games for 2 players: tic tac toe and squares. So easy to make and a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on the grass.

DIY cloth picnic games

DIY cloth picnic games

Keep reading to see how we made them (and how to play squares if you aren’t familiar, it’s one of Henry’s favorites)…

PS Stay tuned for a tutorial on making this pretty indigo dyed picnic blanket tomorrow!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Jordan Wise



To make the squares game: On a piece of thick upholstery fabric, use a chalk pen to make the preliminary dots about 1.5 inches apart. Then cover them with fabric paint using the back of a eraser. Bring a handful of toothpicks to your picnic and use found objects to claim your square (like wild flowers).

DIY cloth picnic games

To play the squares game: 2 players. Each person had a handful of toothpicks and a bunch of found objects that are distinguishable from the other player (like different flowers as we used above). On each turn, each person lays down one toothpick to try and complete a square. When you finish the fourth side, you ‘win’ the square and place your found object inside to claim it. Continue until all the squares are formed and then count to see who wins. v

To make the tic tac toe game: Using a foam brush, make two vertical lines and two horizontal to form a grid. You could use tape to mask it off but I like the painterly strokes. clothpicnicgames7


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What a cute idea! When I was little we called squares “pig pen,” it was one of my favorites.

This is so simple and lovely and EXCITED for the blanket post!

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