How to Make Scrabble Magnets

how to make scrabble magnets

I’ve been thinking of alternatives to magnetic alphabet letters for Henry’s magnetic bulletin board and thought some scrabble magnets would be just as fun for him to play with and also better looking (win win!). This would make such a sweet and simple gift for a little person in your life. I’m planning on making a few more sets!

how to make scrabble magnets

Keep reading to see how we made them…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

how to make scrabble magnets

Step 1: We started with a package of scrabble tiles. You can buy a set of them from amazon for under $7, or search the toys and games section of your local thrift store.
Step 2: We painted the blank tiles shades of orange to give the set a little color (and to do something with those blank pieces)


Step 3: Using a roll of magnetic tape, we cut small squares slightly smaller than the tiles and reinforced them on with a dab of hot glue. Done!

how to make scrabble magnets


LOVE this. I have a lifelong scrabble obsession and now we can keep a game going on our kitchen’s magnetic wall. Such a good idea — thanks for sharing!

Thanks Liz! We’re going to do this! Perfect way to liven up our kitchen and get the kids in on the action.

Cute idea! I’ve seen these as DIY Christmas ornaments before, but never thought about them as magnets.

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