Easy Easter Marshmallow Pops

easy easter marshmallows

With April here and our ski ‘spring’ vacation ending, I’m starting to get into the Easter mood of pastels and mini cadbury eggs. I partnered again with the fantastic Makr app to make Easter cards/stickers with these pretty marshmallow pops. These pops are in perfect pastel colors and so easy to make (only assembly required!). Super inexpensive too, you can make a set of 10 for under $3. Wouldn’t they be cute stuffed into Easter baskets in a couple weeks or decorating a long Easter dinner table with?


Are you familiar with the Makr app? It’s a really easy to use design app for your iPad to make custom stickers, invitations, cards, and lots of other ideas. They give you some great templates and tools to start with so you don’t have to be a designer to design your own cards. You can use their designs exactly as shown or adjust them to fit your project. You can opt to print them out at home or have them printed and mailed to you. So easy! You can see my last Makr project here.

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This post is sponsored by our friends at Makr. Download the Makr app here – check out my project and customize it to make it yours. Enjoy a free Makr credit AND 20% off a print order with the code MAKRSAYYES at checkout.

easy easter marshmallows

Now for the super complicated directions: Grab a bag of old fashioned marpoles ($1.49 for a package of 10 here), twist them into a roll, and then stick a small skewer inside all the way through the layers. That’s it!



easy easter marshmallows

Tip for the Easter bunny: stick a styrofoam ball in the bottom of your basket to give the pops an anchor so they can stand tall!


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