DIY Hand Drawn Fruit and Veggie Onesies

DIY fruit and veggie onesies

I’ve done a lot of work with freezer stencils before but thought it might be fun and easier to create a more artistic hand drawn type of design onto baby onesies without any kind of stencil. I love the brush stroke look, and doesn’t it look these fruit and veggies could break out in song any minute?

diy hand drawn fruit and veggie onesies

You might think you couldn’t draw these, we thought the same thing! After a simple search for hand drawn fruit/veggies we had tons of examples to practice and experiment with. This would be a cute activity for a baby shower. Each guest could bringing a onesie to decorate and you could supply paint and some examples of fruit and veggie designs to hand draw on the onesie for baby.

DIY fruit and veggie onesies

Keep reading for more instructions…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Fun sized models 5 month old Edie and 4 month old Poppy


Here’s an important tip: You don’t want to paint on the stretchy jersey onesies without stiffening it somehow. We ironed on freezer paper to the back side to not only stiffen the onesie while we paint on it, but provide a protective layer so the paint won’t bleed through.

DIY fruit and veggie onesies

After finding some fruit/veggie shape examples online we practiced a few onto some scrap fabric. It was so simple, the final onesies took less than an hour to make, including the experimenting, and we don’t have any drawing or art background.

DIY fruit and veggie onesies

We used chalk to outline the design and then filled it in with fabric paint. Don’t forget the teeny tiny eyes + mouth!  Apply a warm iron to set paint. Machine wash/tumble dry as needed.


Don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies, silly babies!


oh my gosh these are so cute. Are you sure I could draw these freehand?

you totally could! practice for a few minutes before, but it’s really easy. we used chalk to to outline the shape on the final one

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