DIY Gold Egg Shell Planter

make your own egg carton planter

Next time you make scrambled eggs, or a key lime pie, or lemon bars, save the shells and cardboard carton to make a pretty spring planter for mini succulents. Spray paint the carton gold (just one coat worked for me) because it makes everything feel more special. You could even cut the carton into smaller sections to give them as little gifts.

make your own egg carton planter

how to make an egg carton planter

Another idea for your egg shell planters after the jump…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

Hanging egg plants!

Tips: Scratch with your needle at the point you want to create your hole and ‘screw’ the needle in to prevent cracking. Also, a dab of clear nail polish on the inside will keep it from cracking as well. Tie a knot at the top on each side. Plant your succulents inside and hang from a knob or wire.succulenteggs4


Wowzers! Hello psychic connection?!
I also posted eggs + succulents yesterday (on my baby blog)!
And of course I incorporated gold (polka dots) but I love the idea of spraying the cartons. So pretty!

Love this idea (the gold spray paint is a nice touch).

Wondering, though, why I had to click through the jump only to be told to check out Instagram? I wanted to pin finished product, but can’t w/ instructions (and it’s an unnecessary click). 🙁

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