Laundry Bag Printables

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diy printable laundry bag design

A couple weeks ago I talked about my ongoing struggle with doing laundry. It never ends! Just when you’re about to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, another load starts piling up on the floor and you want to pull your hair out. I guess that’s the trouble with house work in general, all that work for a short-lived reward. Today I’m sharing a fun printable to make your dreaded laundry chore a little more enjoyable: these lights and darks iron-on designs my sister Becca made for you guys to download. I think a pair of these bags with the printable ‘how to do laundry’ chart from two weeks ago be a thoughtful housewarming gift, or to a family member headed to college.

diy printable laundry bag design

diy printable laundry bag design

Keep reading for the Lights and Darks printable design and hear about our review of Tide Pods!

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Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers. Illustration by Rebecca Ricks for Say Yes

This week we checked out Tide Pods. They are tiny little packets with detergent, stain remover, and brightener in one. Power packs! I tested them on a load of baby laundry (messy blowouts and all), and everything came out stain free without using a pre-treat spray. I was pretty impressed, have you used Tide Pods before? I think I might be converted.

diy printable laundry bag design

Directions for the iron-on bags:

1. I bought two plain cotton laundry bags here for under $4.83 each. They were a super stiff muslin, but I just threw them in the wash (with Tide Pods!) and they softened up amazingly well.

2. Download the printable iron-on designs here: Darks and Lights (they’re already flipped for iron-on purpose).

3. Print it onto light inkjet transfer paper.

4. Using the instructions on the paper package, iron it onto your cotton bags and peel the paper off!

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These are adorable and I’m just cracking up about your feelings on laundry. Why oh why does it NEVER. END.? I currently have about three loads sitting in front of the washer waiting to go in and another two on my bed waiting for folding. I feel ya’!

I love these, what beautiful iron-ons (i’m not usually a fan of them but these i love)

Oh I love these, so pretty. Laundry isn’t a horrible chore for me cause my hubby usually does it 😉 I know!

This is so awesome, I’m redoing my linen closet and these bags would look so cute in the bottom collecting all my husbands dirty work clothes instead of piling them on the floor ahhaha. I plan on making a few extra sets for what I know will be envious friends!

I love these, beautiful illustrations and very cute! I agree, a nice gift for a college student

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