DIY The Easiest Lopsided Heart Artwork


I’ve seen simple, slightly lopsided heart artwork around a bit and thought “slightly lopsided heart? I can totally do that”.  So I gave it a shot for our neutral + neon nursery (err half nursery).


So easy, keep reading to see how we made it…

PS DIY neon wall hooks right here

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


Two poster boards: one in neon pink and one in white. Trace and cut out a slightly lopsided heart and paste it onto the white poster board with spray adhesive. Done and done!


Frame and hang!


I agree with the person who said it doesn’t look like a DIY. And yes, hearts are always better when they are slightly “imperfect” in my opinion. Lopsided is definitely the best way.

This is gorgeous! I’m so drawn to hearts & this lopsided one is just so sweet. As Jess said you’d never know it was DIY (& yes, that is the ultimate compliment).

I agree, i love this and perfectly lopsided to boot!

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