Diaper Bag Favorites + DIY Waterproof Diaper Clutch


Whenever my mom friends pull out their diaper bags, I love to peek inside to find out what their must-carry, can’t-leave-the-house-without-these-essential-items are. I feel like I’m kind of picky about the bags I carry around so with both Henry and Edie I’ve used a tote or day bag for a diaper bag, although I do gaze longingly at all those fancy pockets and waterproof interiors in real diaper bags I spot other moms using. Here’s what’s in my bag, what’s in yours?

My diaper bag essentials:
Day bag from Nena and Co.  (my ‘diaper bag’)
(Although here’s a Skip Hop diaper bag that would make my life easier)
Snacks: Lunchskins bag filled with trail mix (my homemade trail mix tips here)/ KIND nut bars/Dum dums for on-the-go Henry bribery
To entertain baby: Pat the Bunny travel book/Gaga squeeze monkey toy in Target stores (similar)/Grimm’s Colorful grasping balls in rainbow
For the outdoors: Burts Bees sunscreen stick/Linen blend sun hat
For diaper changes: Baby wipes/DIY floral diaper case (see tutorial below)/ Striped Circo leggings/Circo onesie
Aden and Anais swaddle blanket for nursing and light weight swaddling
Wren and Rumor blanket which is my favorite! The softest blanket to snuggle baby in
Clean well travel hand sanitizer
Kleenex pocket pack for runny noses and minor spills
CamelBak waterbottle

(Not pictured: chewed up gum wrapped in a receipt, crushed up pretzels, string cheese wrapper, unnecessary pamphlets the nurse at the doctors office gave me I felt like I couldn’t turn down.)


Also! I also have a fun DIY for you today. We made this compact waterproof clutch for diapers + a wipes case… or dirty clothes. I wanted to use oil cloth but couldn’t find a design I liked, so I gave my own fabric a waterproof interior. I also wanted to keep the project super simple for beginning sewing- so no zippers, hooray!


Keep reading to see how we did it!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

This post is sponsored by Target. The adventure begins here: Discover all Target has to offer for your baby registry and throughout your motherhood journey.


Cotton fabric (the thinner the better, mine was a thrift store find but it would have worked better if it was a thinner cotton. You can find vintage floral fabrics on etsy or at your local thrift store)
Iron on vinyl
Basic sewing supplies
Sewing machine


1. Cut two pieces of your cotton fabric: 11.5 x 12 and 8 x 12 inches. Cut two pieces of vinyl one inch shorter than your fabric: 11 x 11.5, 7.5 x 11.5 inches. Cut your elastic to 10.5 inches.

2. Iron your vinyl pieces to the wrong side of the fabric, following instructions on your vinyl package and leaving half inch edge.

3. Double fold and iron all edges to create a hem. Make sure to lay the vinyl paper over the vinyl on the fabric so it won’t melt onto the iron.


4. Placing right sides together, pin around all edge. Pin elastic piece 1 inch down from the top of the smaller piece (see image above for placement).

5. Sew along the bottom three sides, leaving the top flap.


6. Turn it rightside-out and lastly, fold the outside flap in one more time to create a final hem that aligns with the rest of the hem. Sew along the two side edges of the flap.

DIY diaper case


I just love everything here. Those colorful beads, the book, the case- it’s all perfect. I’ve actually never carried a diaper bag either until this last baby and now i’m totally converted. those pockets are key!

I love that you carry the Clean Well spray. After a few bouts with illnesses, I started carrying this everywhere. The spray is so perfect.

My baby loves that monkey, too, but I do think it was just recalled? Choking hazard? Just an FYI. I still let him use it, but I make sure to keep a close watch to make sure he doesn’t chew off the tail or whatever.

The clutch is great!! I will have to try.

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