A Good Nights Sleep

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Did you know this Friday is World Sleep Day? I listened to this quick Ted Talk the other day that talks about how sleep may be the secret to a more productive and inspired life. That sleep was the key to success. And when she first announced that everyone cheered in the audience. We all want and know that we need more sleep, and I think we all know it makes us happier, healthier and more successful.

Sleep is definitely on my mind a lot these days with a new baby in the house.  In my post last week about postpartum I mentioned how panicked I was when someone told me that it would take 8 weeks before Henry would start sleeping better at night. Well, the other half of that story is that far before Henry learned to sleep through the night my body adjusted to the interrupted sleep and within a few weeks I was starting to feel less like a zombie during the day, despite the fact that Henry was still up all night. It’s amazing what your body can get used to.

But those first few weeks are tough… (keep reading for more about sleep and a sleep quiz and tips from Philips!)

Images of Edie and I lounging in the afternoon by Jared Stanley


As well all know, nothing goes well when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. I get seriously irritable, headaches, I can’t handle the daily stress of the daily routine, and all I can think about is crawling back into bed. It’s the worst! Luckily Edie has been a better baby at night, she still wakes up occasionally to eat (usually 1-2 times at night) but will go back to sleep afterwards usually. Totally more manageable although the interrupted sleep did take some getting used to. What’s interesting though is that sleeplessness is a common complaint of pregnant woman. It’s almost like your body is preparing for interrupted sleep far before it actually happens. So interesting how that all works.


So how good of a sleeper are you?  Philips has created a sleep quiz to score a person’s quality of sleep based on their answers to simple sleeping habits and health questions as part of their Sleep Powers Initiative for 2014 in honor of World Sleep Day:



I was about a B+, scoring half Bs and half As. Not too bad. There are some helpful sleep tips here. I’ve starting exercising a lot more and the tip is true! I have found myself with more energy during the day. I very rarely take a nap now and it’s easier for me to get going with the day when I’ve exercised first thing in the morning. Do you find any of these tips true for you? What kind of sleeper are you?

PS Saw an article the other day about recording your dreams, wouldn’t that be crazy??



I agree the body prepares for it before the baby arrives. I had a horrible time with sleep when I was pregnant!

I agree the body can get used to a lot! After having three kids I still get up every three hours at night and can’t seem to train my body to go back to how it was before kids.

I hear you on the newborn sleep issues! I was rated a B as well, I need to nap better I think that would help me and working out I agree is great for energy level

Oh i wish i was getting more sleep with my infant. you seem to have it pretty good! I was a solid B

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