Kids Craft: Valentines Day Sequin Heart Headbands

diy valentine heart crownThis is a fun Valentines Day craft to do with kids. Correction- some kids. Henry won’t get near headbands or hearts unless they’re made of sugar (thank you kindergarten for teaching him to conform to gender stereotypes- boo!). But. I bet some kids could really get into it- especially with those sequins! I might even sport this one here on Friday myself. It’s so easy to make, keep reading to see how we did it!

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers

diy_valentine_heart_crown3Step 1: Tie your pipe cleaner together in a little knot at the bottom

Step 2: Bend the top down

Step 3: Shape it into a heart

Step 4: Tie the heart onto two pipe cleaners and wrap with sequins

diy valentine heart crown


Very fun, and actually pretty easy! Often times themed crafts like this take so many steps and materials, but this one is so doable.

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