How to do Laundry (Printable) + $300 Target Sweepstakes

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how_to_do_the_laundry_printable6When we first moved into this flat 4 years ago I was so excited about having an actual laundry room. No more lugging clothes up and down stairs and keeping rolls of quarters around in the drawers. Now though, laundry is still one of my least favorite household chores. Turns out, the stairs and quarters had little to do with it. In these cases of undesirable household chores, I’m quick to remember that my 6 yr old really needs to engage in more heavy lifting to ensure he grows up to be a well adjusted and hard working adult. So much of the chore gets turned over to him. Win win!Laundry

Turns out though, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in his attitude toward laundry. We added a couple simple changes to make this daily chore a little more fun and want to share these with you as well.

Keep reading to hear about Gain Flings, this downloadable illustration, and a $300 Target Sweepstakes!

Illustration by Rebecca Ricks for Say Yes (print out your own after the jump). Photography by Liz Stanley

First, we tried out the new Gain Flings available at Target which are little soap packets that get thrown into the laundry before shutting the door.Β  No measuring or dealing with liquid at all. These things smell lovely! They actually have 50% more scent than the Gain liquid version, plus Oxi boost and Febreze. Our clothes came out smelling amazing, which made the other part of laundry I hate, folding, a lot more enjoyable.

Then, I also asked my talented sister, Rebecca, to draw a fun little how-to as both decor for the laundry room and to help him remember the steps (the less time I have to spend in there the better!). This would be really pretty to frame in your laundry room as well, although we just used some small magnets to attach it to the machine.

how to do laundry printable chart

You can have one too! Download it here for your own laundry room.

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Simply comment on this post sharing the little things you do that go a long way in your life. You have until midnight March 31st to enter. Official rules here.

how_to_do_the_laundry_printable3This post is sponsored by P&G. Save on NEW Gain Flings and Tide Pods at Target. Text CLEAN to Target (827438) for mobile coupons*.


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I try not look at my phone after 8pm – it should be easy but its not sometimes!

Little things I do that go a long way in life – plan meals ahead and actually cook the next night’s meal the prior night. We work all day and both have a long commute, so we are hungry when coming in the door. In other words, I cook or prep Tuesday night’s meal on Monday night so that we can eat shortly after coming home. Or, if meal is in oven, we can relax and catch up on each other’s day before eating. I also set out my clothes the prior evening. Next thing to work on? Take 20 minutes each evening to ‘tidy’ up the house. It’s amazing what one can do with a timer & 20 minutes!

I try to have rest time for all our kids. No tv, no electronics, just quiet time. Refreshes us all πŸ™‚

I love teaching the kids things! My kids swap laundry (from washer to dryer, from dryer to basket) and load laundry (into washer) but haven’t yet managed the starting washer.
Right now, I would be really happy if they could remember to START the dryer and CLEAN out the lint.
… folding is a whole ‘nother story!

Love this blog! I am getting ready to move into our new house so I will be printing
These and framing them in the laundry room. I think they are so cute. I have not heard about Gain Flings- thanks for sharing! Where do you buy those laundry sacks? Something I do is make lunch with the girls. That way we talk about healthy choices, they have fun making their lunch and we do it together. I sneak in a little note when they are done.

I keep to a schedule so that I don’t feel overwhelmed or get behind with the things I need to do.

I pick out my outfit for the next day the night before, saves me time and a big mess!!

I make lunches the night before, that way i can have a few extra minutes in the morning. I also made a small section in my sons playroom for folding and hanging laundry, that way I can play and interact with him while doing something productive for the house.

I make my breakfasts and lunches for the week ahead of time to allow more time during the week to study & sleep!

give my future hubby all the X’s and O’s that a girl can give!

give my future hubby all the x’s + o’s that a girl can give!

Before bed, my son, my husband & I pick out our outfits for the next day. It saves us time in the morning when we are rushing off to school/work.

I wash and cut fruits and veggies as soon as we buy them…it helps me when I need to pack a quick healthy snack or prepare a meal w/ little time. My kids love it too. πŸ™‚

We work with our 2 yr-old to pick up the toys before bed, which removes clutter and gives us all room to breath…..

I spray my hubby’s shirts with wrinkle releaser and throw them in the dryer for ten minutes while he’s in the shower. By the time he’s ready to get dressed, his shirt is warm and toasty on cold mornings and looks freshly-pressed from the dry cleaner.

He leaves for work with an extra skip in his step.

My husband and I use the app Wunderlist to keep shared grocery, shopping, and other lists. Saves time and makes communication and getting things done easier!

being kind to others & always be willing to help a stranger:) it’s my motto in life and it’s a little gesture, but goes a LONG way in making others happy!

THanks for the chance to win!


One of the little things I do that goes a long way in my life is grocery shopping EARLY EARLY sunday morning without fail… the grocery store is empty and I buy everything I need for the week so I don’t have to deal with the headaches of crowds or multiple trips!

I am the organizer of the Girls’ Night Out for my friends. Everyone is so busy. We are a difficult group to get together but it is so worth it for our mental health.

play “I Spy” with my kids and they have to clean the items we spy.

I like to go to bed with an empty sink. That way, I don’t start my day off with chores I try to avoid doing! πŸ™‚

We eat dinner together every night, and have reading time/playtime until bed. Every day our boys get to see one parent exercise, to set the healthy example! We make sure to always have fresh fruits and veggies for healthy snack options. I pray for my children by name every day too.

I feel like certain traditions like eating dinner at the dinner table together go a long way in the long run

I try to always start the day with a clean kitchen! It sets the mood for the whole day!

Sort through all the art/school projects that come home from preschool each day Keep special projects in a dedicated storage bin and toss the rest.

Picking up after myself. It’s amazing how much can accumulate by just dropping your bag, your coat, your book, anywhere. Making sure you put it away the first time ensures less clean up afterward

We put on fun music to divide clothes into loads. Kids love spray bottles, so I let them spray stains.

My girls love to try and help with our laundry but I am kind of worried that they will mess something up : ) These new “flings” would be great, I am allergic to the Tide soap so I have never been able to try the pod things. Maybe now I can worry a little less with the kids doing the laundry : ) Yeah

I don’t bring anything into the house that I’m going to throw away immediately. Junk mail, shopping bags and receipts, cups from fast food places, etc. I throw it away before I enter the front door.

Loading the dishwasher as I go through the day has saved my sanity.

Pre-sorting dirty laundry into lights and darks (a hamper with divider changed the laundry life!) and also spraying stains before the item makes it into the hamper, that way I don’t have to sort through dirty clothes on laundry day searching for stains that need a little extra attention.

Mornings are too hectic so I pack my son’s bag for daycare the night before with diapers and clean sippy cups for the next day.

We live in an apartment without a dishwasher. So in our family of five I insist on either washing dishes right after a meal or at least rinsing and stacking for easier cleaning later. This way our counters are never too cluttered and the mess isn’t piling up.

I have a nice bowl in each room that I put all the odds and ends that wind up around in. It makes the counters and bedside tables look less cluttered and then every week I will go through them and put everything back where it goes. Also I clean a little every day so I don’t have to do a big clean every week.

No matter how tired I am, I rummage through the fridge at night to put together a lunch and snacks for the next day at work!

When I get home from grocery shopping I rinse, dry, and prep all of the produce I bought if applicable. Things like greens (chopped kale can be added to eeeerythiiiing), berries and other fruit, carrot and celery sticks, broccoli into florets so on and so forth)–this way, I will actually eat the food, and not look at it in my fridge mid-week and think ‘look at all this food I don’t feel like cutting up for consumption’. It gives you no reason not to eat healthy on a tight schedule!

Laundry is one of those chores that I dont really mind. Our washer and drier are apt. sized and laundry is done every day or every other day to avoid a pile up. Since they are energy efficient, usually one load will take less than an hour including puttting away the clothes. I love doing laundry compare to other chores like the dishes or bathroom cleanup.

Separating my light, darks, and delicates after they’re used. Makes laundry go so much faster!

I try to do as much lunch prep ahead of time on Sundays so making lunches during the week isn’t as time consuming!

I make sure to plan our dinners a week in advance and then shop specifically for those meals when I’m doing the grocery shopping. It helps me budget and keeps me from scrambling from meal ideas on a hectic weeknight.

I LOVE the new disposable toilet brushes. I just clip one on the handle, clean and then throw it away! I used to be grossed out by the brush and all the germs it must have had on it even after cleaning… SO much better!

I broke down and started buying paper towels after 5 years without them. Not environmentally friendly but SO much easier.

Having eleven people in the house, laundry is more than a chore, it’s an event. It takes too much time sorting and folding socks, so we have a sock bin. All the socks get thrown in the bin so the kids always know where their socks are. No guarantees that they will always match but luckily my kids don’t care. πŸ™‚

Great idea! Our socks always have a way of wandering off… maybe this would help keep them from getting lost.

The laundry poster is a perfect example of how art enhances our lives. What a creative and smart way to make laundry a fun task and to teach the household members the correct way to perform chores without having to constantly repeat the directions. Good job!

I have a laundry sorter as our hamper. Everything gets sorted as it’s taken off (or picked up off the floor) and as soon as a bag is full I can just dump the whole thing in the washer without anymore sorting.

OMGosh. I just found your website. Will be snowed in for a few days!! SO HAPPY to come across it! Thanks. Looking forward to your posts!!

my husband and I take 15 min and clean as much as we possibly can in that time. May not be the entire house, but it makes our house feel a bit more spruced up until we have enough for a whole house clean sesh.

With always being on the go I try to have small things done and prepared ahead of time for the next few days. I always try to have my exercise and work clothes(scrubs) set out for the upcoming days. I love to have my foods such as oatmeal packets, veggies, meat, salads preped ahead of time so you can grab and go. These little things are great time savers!

I have a one in, one out policy. You get new clothing, shoes, toys, etc. then something goes out. I have a donations bin where things are gathered and when I am ready or it is full, everything goes to families of kids with AIDS. This keeps my clutter down and teaches my family about helping others.

I think I need more of these tips in my life because I commonly feel overwhelmed by rooms in need of tidying and no plan for breakfast/lunch/dinner with no food in the fridge! One thing I have done that is a great help is designating Monday as laundry day where the first thing I do in the morning is throw in a wash. I can usually get away with just two loads and doing it first thing each week gives me a boost of motivation to stay on top of chores and work.

I have a “Touch It Once” policy in my house. Don’t just lay it down, put it in the right place.

Every other week on Sunday afternoons I make up all of our lunches and breakfast bags for the weeks ahead. I just make egg muffins for several days and premade oatmeal bags for the other days and 2 to 3 kinds of soup or layered bowl meals. Everything gets placed in the freezer and I pull out the next days breakfast and lunch meals the night before and place in the fridge so we both get hot, nutritious meals without the hassle. No sandwiches or fast food for lunch and it saves us money.

I too made a “how to do Laundry” complete with illustrations for my two boys πŸ™‚ Mine was not as creative/pretty as yours though!

When I go to rinse the dogs water dish I water my plants with whatever is left in the bowl.

I find that if I am always thinking a day or two ahead helps. Things like what clothes will be needed for 2 days from now, etc., I can stay ahead. This goes for meals as well as things are thawed when I need them.

cleaning up the house as i go. it makes up for less work later (if grey doesn’t keep messing things up!!)

I squeegee the shower walls after each shower. I very rarely have to scrub! And I have no problems with mold or mildew. The squeegee cost less than $5 when I bought it, so this is a frugal activity as we’ll.

Prepping breakfast ahead of time makes my mornings so much better.

I’ve just bought a bunch of baskets for knicknacks and odds and ends, which I then place on the top shelf of a bookcase. It gets rid of the clutter and makes everything look much more organized.

Our family doesn’t buy paper towels (no judgement to those who do), so we end up with a lot of rags around the kitchen. We have one of our reusable grocery bags that hangs on a hook next to the sink, and all the dirty rags go in that tote until I have a whole laundry load of them.

I do the dishes every morning, a load of laundry each day and one whole room each weekday. It is SO EASY if I keep up with (1 hour a day tops!). It leaves me plenty of time to work on school during the day, my clean freak husband doesn’t have more work to do when he gets home and my kids have a safe environment to play in. Then we get to relax in our nice clean home all weekend long!

My husband and I have a “Dog and Dinner” alert on our phones for every Sunday evening. It reminds us to have the discussion on who is walking the dog in the morning what day this week (the other person or both do evenings) and who is in charge of dinners what night, who has work dinners, or if we both go out. With both of us working it has relieved three major stress points (dog walks, grocery store, cooking) before the week has even started.

We’ve got a little basket in the fridge labeled β€œEAT ME FIRST!” that keeps all of our about-to-expire items. I go through the fridge once a week to weed out the older stuff and this helps us not to miss/waste anything!

touch the mail just once – decide what you want to do with it the first time you touch it. either recycle, shred or file as important. so sick of piles!

I do a load of laundry every day. Then each evening my kids fold and put away a couple of items instead of huge piles. Makes laundry manageable.

Since there is a drought situation here in California any water plastic water bottles that have been left over I use for our dog water bowl and to water potted plants.

I shred the junk mail as soon as I have determined it is junk. No more piles to sift through at the end of the week!

Since we use baby wipes to clean up, and clean up after, our 18-month old so much, I’ve started using them for non-baby-related things, as well. Not the most environmentally friendly thing to do, I’m afraid, but so handy!

I could have written your comment myself! I also have an 18 month old and just started doing this too, haha πŸ™‚

I turn up the music and then start doing the laundry while having a dance party!

I like to sort the laundry the night before and throw it in FIRST first thing Saturday morning. That way, no matter how many or how few chores I get done that morning, I know ONE thing is taken care of.

I write down 4 things I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed. Reminds me of everything that’s great about life (especially on the days that everything seems to go wrong)

I have made Tuesdays and Sundays laundry day. That way I’m not doing laundry “all the time.”

Making things pretty helps me immensely! Dishwashing soap in a pretty recycled bottle, sponge kept on a special little dish, laundry detergent decanted into a vintage jar- it all makes housework so much more delightful (most of the time)!

Making lists helps me out a ton. I have paper and something to write with alongside me all the time. If I have to, I’ll use my phone, but it just doesn’t seem to stick with me if I don’t write it down!

I divide my chores up daily so that by the end of the week I can concentrate on tackling the laundry room…..there is nothing that smells better than fresh clean clothes and a tidy/organized home to enjoy coming home to!


What a fun illustration! It is so fun to see how Henry has grown, I’m amazed he is already old enough to contribute to the household! It is really important to me to start every morning with a clean kitchen, it sets my mood for the whole day. I also like to make lists, mostly because I derive a great deal of satisfaction from checking things off. I also like to play music and light a candle or incense while doing housework, it makes it feel slightly more fun.

Getting the kids’ clothes out and bags packed the night before school goes a long way towards getting us out the door on time in the morning!

What a beautiful illustration! I love it. Your sister is talented and it was nice of her to make that. I like to stretch while I’m doing other things. I also save recipes on a pinterest board, and after I’ve made them I write what I liked and didn’t like about the recipe, and what adjustments I made. Fingers crossed for the giveaway! Thanks!

I pin recipes on Pinterest and then use those to meal-plan and a variety to my family’s weekly meals. I also lay out my preschooler’s clothes and backpack the night before to save the frustration in the morning. They are little things but can help make a big difference.

Yes! Pinterest is so helpful when it comes to planning meals and trying new recipes! How did we live without it πŸ˜‰

Always leave the kitchen counters wiped clean. Do quick clean ups in the bathroom after using it.

I love leaving little hidden notes for my boyfriend. I leave them everywhere its so fun. In his shoes, inside his favorite coffee mug, even on his rearview mirror! It always puts a smile on his face. I think its the little ways you can show someone you love them that mean the most to me.

I set out things that I will need to take with me in the morning before I go to bed.

I love cutting up carrots, celery, and other vegetables so that they’re easy to grab from the fridge when I want a snack! If they’re still in their packages I’m likely to grab something less healthy and more likely to let them get too old.

The little things I do in life to make it easier range from doing dishes while dinner is cooking, to setting timers so that I take the clothes out of the dryer and hang them up right away so I don’t have to iron, to making and packing lunches for me and my husband the night before so we can grab and go. I also love doing little things for co-workers and friends like making treats to brighten their day!

Making a homemade breakfast burrito in the morning for my husband so he can sleep a little longer goes a long way for us. It makes him feel very loved since he’s working full time while going to school full time. I, too, work full time, so he really appreciates how much effort I put into making him breakfast in the morning.

Teaching my son to do laundry is definitely on my “to do list”. But he’s only 15 months old…maybe by the time he has to do laundry we will have self cleaning clothes!

I’ve been working hard at time management lately, and am reaping rewards. Just setting timers, being mindful – it’s helpful!

Teach my kids to start their own laundry… helps me out! This printable is so adorable! I try to do a load every day or every other day so that there is no daunting pile waiting for me.

A shared family calendar that’s on both of our phones… never have to question what’s going on!

We like to prepackage all the snacks for the week in order to cut down on morning madness! Everyone can simply grab and go.

I try to wash my dishes while my meal is cooking. Especially convenient while baking. It seems simple, but it makes it easier to enjoy the food when it’s done!

I make sure that I exercise regularly. Whether that mean running, zumba, playing just dance, or walking, doing something active everyday keeps me sane. I am able to make decision more easily and it makes everything in my life go better. πŸ™‚

I always try to keep my keys in the same place. When I forgot to do that I spend a lot a lot of time searching for my keys.

I try to tidy up toys every night before bed and have a clean kitchen counter and sink. Waking up in the morning to a toy-free floor and a dish-free sink always makes me feel much more ready and energetic for the day. πŸ™‚

A quick call or text to someone when you’re thinking about them. It can brighten someone else’s day as well as your own! Win-win!

making the beds, every morning. makes a world of difference for me. I don’t deal well with clutter or messes.

I keep something sweet around constantly. Chocolate and candy are just little things that go a long way to brighten up any gray day!

We make big batches of veggies and meat for the week so we can be on track with healthy eating.

I prep lunches the night before and plan ahead for dinners. Last minute meals usually result in take-out so it’s important I stay organized.

I love Target and those Flings sound amazing. Could definitely make doing the laundry a little more enjoyable.

Fresh flowers on the kitchen table or counter make me want to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Starting machines (washer, dishwasher) every morning. Steel cut oats in the rice cooker set up on the timer before bed, and no matter what is happening in the morning, we have hot, perfectly cooked oatmeal waiting.

I’ve always loved the idea of having fresh flowers around but I like it even more as a motivator to keep the kitchen clean!

The little things I do that go a long way in my life are using scent boosters in the laundry, smiling at a stranger, feeding the birds in the morning, watching a movie with my pets.

Little things that go a long way… plastic containers to pack my lunch in; cuddling with my dog and husband to unwind; cute coffee cups.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

I’m taking vitamins to improve my health, but was finding it challenging to remember to take them (let alone get them into my purse before I head to work in the morning). I finally picked up one of those pill sorters that organizes them for the week, and it has a removable compartment for each day. It’s so much easier, and I’m much more consistent with taking them!

We love having oatmeal and steel cut oats in the morning for breakfast, so rather than making a batch every morning we make enough for the week. So simple, yet saves time (and pot washing) in the morning.

laying out clothes the night before for the next day – easier to hop out of bed and start the day on a good foot.

Bake extra potatoes on baked potato night, they are always useful later in the week!

Package up snacks and fruits in individual containers and bags on Sunday so they are ready to grab all week!

When I wear something that requires hanging, I immediately put that hanger into my dirty clothes basket. That way, I have the correct amount of hangers available when I remove these clothes from the dryer.

i do laundry right after i get up so i can keep caught up and have the rest of the day to do other stuff. my son also loves to put clothes in the washer and dryer hes 2 πŸ™‚ if i win

I always make my bed after I wake up in the morning, it always freshens up my room and I love coming home to a nicely made bed!

Start a load of laundry early in the morning, so I can dry, fold and put away early in the day.

Having all the dishes done, every night, before I go to bed, regardless of how tired I am, makes a huge difference for me.
Makes me feel like I’m waking up to a clean house, even if it’s just a clean sink.

Each child has a hanging clothes organizer with one complete outfit on each shelf……in the laundry room. I keep them on an industrial rolling rack. Saves my morning/sanity.

The littlest thing that I do to make life simpler is to ask myself “what is the worst that could happen?” What if we abandon our meal plan for a picnic at the park on a Tuesday afternoon? What if I don’t mop the floor? What if I don’t keep up with my load of laundry per day quota? Usually the answer isn’t as scary as I think, and I benefit by spending a little more time with my husband, son and dog. That’s really the best thing that could possibly happen, on the other side of that coin.

I keep a running grocery list on my phone. Never forget my list at home anymore or forget to put things on when I think of them.

I use the tasks and reminders app on the iPhone in order to keep on track. I save so much time by the end of the day, it’s wonderful!

I leave the house each day with the living room (& the part of the kitchen counter that I can see from the front door) straightened. It makes me unhunch my shoulders after a long day and makes me feel that I beat the system, somehow.

This in turns motivates me to pick up anything else that needs to be put away before dinner.

I always struggle doing dishes, so I started buying Mrs Meyers dish soap in Lavender and Radish. They both smell SO yummy (esp the radish) and even though it was a small change and kind of silly, it’s really helped me do my dishes!! πŸ™‚ Hooray!

I leave recycling by the door and take it out every time I leave the apt. It prevents a huge pile from accumulating, and leads to more recycling!

I organize and clean one space at a time, that way I dont feel overwhelmed by cleaning every room everyday.

I clean a little bit everyday….a room at a time. This way I don’t have to spend an entire day cleaning!

I like to make a meal plan for the week and a shopping list every Monday. I then go through the grocery ads and get the best price matches to save some money. It works nicely for me so I’m not scrambling to figure out what to do for dinner each night.

I make sure that all of my daughter’s toys are put away as soon as she goes to bed. Then I can enjoy my night, and early morning (before she wakes up) in a clean, tidy house. Oh, and making the bed each day is HUGE for me!

With my fourth child just 3 weeks old, I’m realizing that going to bed early works wonders for my body and attitude the next day. At first I felt so deflated going to bed by 8:30. Where was the “me” time! Now I see that it is the best gift I can give myself at this severely sleep deprived phase of my life.

So true! It’s always hard for me to take a nap or go to bed early when it feels like there is so much to do. But that extra sleep does wonders!

I say “I love you” everyday to my husband and daughters to remind myself how lucky I am to have a healthy, happy family.

I have a weekly cleaning routine. So I do one room per day (and the laundry for that room) it helps me feel productive everyday and it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed like I have to “clean the whole house right now” panic attacky.

I prepare meals in advance as often as I can, so I can spend more time playing with my kids and less cooking. I also line up everyone’s clothes the night before to save us all time, and me a headache in the morning. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
fairyfractal at gmail dot com

So smart! i love crockpot meals too. would make dinner time so much easier to have it already done for sure

I take a Clorox wipe and wipe down bathroom surfaces every 2-3 days. That way I can avoid a “deep clean” as often, and this only takes 5 minutes before I walk out the door in the mornings.

p.s. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Target is basically my Disneyland…

my husband and i have the same thing for lunch and breakfast almost every day. we boil our eggs in dozens so they’re ready for the next few days and we make almond butter in huge batches so we have enough for weeks!

any kind of prep the night before! I made extra dinner last night to have lunch to bring to work today. that made my morning!

We involve our kids a lot. Everyday they have a chore to do. Laundry is one of them. They have to take care of their own clothes. They still need a lot of reminders, but I hope that one day they will catch on.

I prep the ingredients the night before for the next day’s dinner. Saves me a lot of time with two little ones running around!

I menu plan for at least 10 days at a time. I have to get creative for those last few meals, but only having to go grocery shopping 3 times a month is fantastic!

I have a policy of ‘if you see something, move something’ – don’t go up or down the stairs without finding something to put away. Essential with two kids fond of tiny toys!

I’ve been trying to be better at foldling a load of laundry right out of the dryer and it has gone a long way in keeping the piles and piles of laundry out of sight!

I make sure we all have dinner together each night as a family, it is the best time to hear about everyone’s day <3

The easiest way to make cleaning easier is to have less stuff- so we try to follow the “One in, one out” rule so things don’t build up and take a bunch of time to care for!

I shower at night so I don’t have a wet mop head for three hours in the morning. πŸ™‚

I menu plan each Sunday night, grocery shop (by my ingredient list) during the day on Monday and prep ingredients for a week’s worth of dinners on Monday night. This allows me to have more time to play with my kids on weeknight evenings, but also ensures that we are eating healthy each night, instead of opting for a quick dish.

I try to grab something everytime I leave a room-anything that belongs where I’m going! Helps a lot in keeping the house tidy, especially with a toddler around.

My husband and I quickly straighten up the house every night after the kids are in bed. That way, we can at least start the day with a clean slate.

I do laundry everyday so it doesn’t build up and overwhelm me.

I plan out my meals for the week before grocery shopping…not only does it save me a ton of money, but it removes the annoyance of figuring out what to take for lunch or make for dinner when I get home after a long day. Plus, it encourages me to try new recipes! For about 15 minutes of my time on a Sunday, it has so many benefits.

I go through the mail as soon as I pick it up. If I don’t immediately open it then a pile will start and I’ve been to too many homes where the dining table is unusable because of mail build up.

I try to clean one small (very small) thing a day. I wipe the bathroom sink down, clean the kitchen counters or sweep a bedroom. It really is the little things πŸ™‚

Everytime I go upstairs or downstairs I look around to see what else I could move to its proper place. Helps keep the clutter at bay, and saves me from frequent and random trips up and down t he stairs.

Cleaning up a little bit here and there throughout the day, especially in my daughter’s room, is SO helpful. Keeps things looking tidy without having to dedicate a huge block of time to it at the end of the day so it feels less stressful and easier to manage because things never get too messy.

Something my husband and I do is sort our laundry when we take it off, using a two sided hamper. Saves time sorting before things go into the wash.

The littlest thing that makes the biggest difference is forgetting that I used to be a clean freak and that spending time snuggled up reading with my kids is more important than my spotless house. We all have our chores that have to be done and teaching my kids responsibility is important but not freaking out about the everyday living that happens in my home will hopefully give my kids better memories of the time we get to spend together. They’re growing up too fast already!!!

When drying clothes in the dryer, I always, no matter what kind of fabric, put the setting on delicate heat. This leaves clothes wrinkle free. When weather permits, I love to dry my clothes in the sun, it gives it that incredible Ozone smell!

One of the little things I do is take 5 minutes every night to organize for the next morning. It really does make a world of difference and makes me much happier πŸ™‚ Being organized is such a great feeling and falling into bed without this worry is priceless.

I’ve recently discovered that having a list for my kids to see their responsibilities on is a lifesaver. Its categorized by times of the day they can understand: morning, after school, after dinner, etc so they distinctly know what to get done. I just have to say, “look at your list.” Its made life so much simpler.

I just did that with my son too! Great idea for a printable actually…

I’m the master of manageable to-do lists and always make sure to go to bed with no dirty dishes in the sink. Waking up to a clean kitchen starts the day right, and a prepped to-do list helps me prioritize right away in the day.

One thing I recently started doing that has improved the way my days go is my “Just Five Things List”. Each morning, right after waking (and sometimes before visiting a much needed room down the hall πŸ™‚ I’ll grab a pen and paper and sit down for just a few minutes. I’ll first think, “What are the things that I HAVE to do today?”, then, “What are the things that I WANT to do today?”. I’ll then decide on five things to accomplish, whether they include attending yoga, finishing that important paper, folding all the laundry, painting a room, yard work, that sales call, sending mom a text, or whatever, I commit to accomplishing those FIVE things if nothing else. I didn’t think it would, but it has changed my life: daily!

Love this idea! My list has a way of getting WAY too long during the day. Limiting it to five things seems like a great solution.

I take about 30 mins every other Sunday and plan out the next two weeks worth of meals, including a grocery list. This minimizes the daily trips to the grocery store, gives me immense freedom when it comes to what to make for dinner, in case I change my mind, and there’s no secret as to what we’ll be eating each night. I can’t imagine my life without a meal plan!

I make a bunch of food on Sunday so I have healthy lunches and snacks ready to go for the week.

Something that saves me time everyday is by laying out my clothes and my boyfriends clothes for the whole week and ironing them on sunday. I hang them up on fabric hangers, that way in the morning (I’m a school teacher so I have early mornings) I’m not scrambling. I also make the lunches and snacks on Sunday nights so I can relax on school nights and in the mornings. I dont have children but having my bf and I in organizational routines might help when we do. I love target so, fingers crossed!

I do a “10 minute tidy” with my husband. We each clean for 10 minutes as much as we can and then stop. Keeps they house always looking nice without feeling like we spend a lot of time. Of course we have to do more deep cleaning too, but the “10 minute tidy” is a sanity-saver!

We do this every once in a while too. I always have a problem stopping when the timer goes off… and suddenly 10 mins turns into an hour! ha!

We purchased a divided laundry basket at IKEA 3+ years ago so laundry gets sorted into lights & darks as they’re thrown in the “dirty” pile(s). Once a side is full, to the washing machine it goes! No extra time spent sorting – hooray!

Before going to bed I do a quick clean up of the kitchen and livingroom.

Oh, I hope I get this one! One thing I have done that has helped me de-clutter my wardrobe and make things flow a little faster in the morning is this: When I wear something, I put the hanger backwards in my closet. So it makes me wear all the clothes I own and I can see the ones that are just taking up space and don’t get warn. At the end of the month I can go and donate those clothes to someone that will actually wear them.

I’m blessed enough to have a huge closet in my apartment- so I’ve organized it by length, color, etc and even have room for a inspiration wall! It never fails to lift my spirit and encourages me to keep the clothes of the floor.

I try to get my exercise outdoors, especially in the winter (it helps that I live in the south!). A bit of fresh air helps chase away the blahs, and I get a sense of accomplishment even going for a short run in the rain and cold.

Earbuds have changed housework for me! Talking on the phone to far away relatives makes cleaning floors much easier! Also, I do “15 minute sweeps”. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and choose a task. Tidy up, clean some toilets, wash some dishes, or fold some clothes. It breaks up the tasks into more manageable pieces!

I try to make extra servings of dinners and put it directly in containers to take to work that week!

If I have a great recipe that will freeze well, like quiche, I make two. That way I have one available for that night’s dinner, as well as another night, or to a friend in need. So helpful on a night when the last thing you want to do is come up with something for dinner!

I try to pick up the little things as I go so I don’t have a huge mess at the end of every day or week!

Cute, cute, CUTE! We keep a running grocery list on the fridge. That way we don’t have to take a full inventory of the pantry every time we go to the store!

PS – pick me, please πŸ™‚

While cleaning, folding laundry, and doing other household tasks, I turn on a political podcast. I get to feel in touch with the real world outside of my house and not “just a mama”. Although I do love being “just a mama” πŸ˜‰

what a cute printable! i keep a running list on the fridge of items we need from the grocery store, costco, target, etc. that way, when i’m headed out the door, i can just grab the list and go

I clean up the house by tackling one chore as I go from room to room.

Taking the first 5 minutes of my time home after work to sort mail, put away my things, and clean up any clutter really makes a huge difference, not only in helping the clutter not pile up over time, but helping make my time home the rest of the night more enjoyable.

Something I do on Sundays is write out my schedule for the week on my weekly desk planner. It helps me a lot to know what’s coming up and to help me not forget little things too!

Also, that “how to do laundry” poster is so cute!

I always, always (no matter how tired I am) set my coffeemaker the night before. Waking up and being able to immediately grab a steaming cup that smells delicious makes a huge difference in getting me going!

what a cute poster! i make a monthly meal plan, every month, with meals every single day (except one day a week for leftovers or the occasional eating out). we shop for everything the first week of the month, and pick up fresh produce every sunday for the following week. it has helped not only on time, but on our grocery bill as well. c;

In my house we like to clean up the kitchen as a family after every meal. This makes keeping up with the rest of the chores, etc. much easier to manage.

I ‘created’ my own smell eliminator out of water & washing soda that I mix & put into a spray bottle. I spray the pits of my husband shirts that way I only have tp wash them once.

I make a butt load of food on the weekends to freeze so I have snacks, lunches, and dinner for the rest of the week!

I love this post and the idea of teaching your child to take on this chore! I make life easier by making lists and written procedures as well – we have a packing list that I pull out every time we get ready for a weekend away so that I know I won’t forget anything. (Our family’s list is here:

Thanks for the great giveaway and illustrated procedure inspiration!

I make sure the sink is free of dirty dishes every evening before I go to bed. I also try to pick out my week’s outfits on Sunday’s so I’m not standing and staring at my closet every morning try to decide what to wear.

Made a kid-reachable healthy snack area! Helps from having to constantly stop what I/we are doing and head back to the kitchen!

thanks for this! some little things we do that goes a long way is having the kids clear their places after dinner, put their own laundry in the baskets, etc. they need to know that chores don’t happen by magic!

I make lists all day long to keep myself organized. I make great use out of the reminder and task apps available on the iPhone. Truly a life saver sometimes and it really does go a long way!

Meal planning on Sundays. It saves loads during the week and everyone knows what’s on the menu so there are no complaints.

Why not! One little thing I do is have two bins for laundry that separate the darks and the lights so I don’t need to do it later. I have my family separate their clothes as soon as they take them off and I can just toss the bin in the washer without a problem!

This is a great sweep stake!! One little thing that goes a long way for me is to prepare my meals ahead of time for the week. It makes eating healthy and clean up so much easier!

I live by the rule “If it can be done in under one minute, just do it now”. Totally saves me from making piles to be put away later. And saves my sanity!

I live by the rule “If it can be done in under a minute, just do it now”. REALLY helps me not make little piles all over the house to put away later. And saves my sanity!

Something that is a little thing that goes a long way for me is cooking meals in the crock pot! This give me the opportunity to take care of other tasks when i get home from work and not have to stress about making dinner for the family!

Little things? Coffee. Coffee, coffee, and coffee. (Decaf.) It’s my answer to all those holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-this-is-what-parenting-is moments.

A check in by phone with my mom once a day keeps me in a great mood all day long! She’s my best friend and always lifts me up! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance! Athena

The little thing I do that goes a long way, is always use lingerie bags when I do laundry. All of my little one’s socks, onesies, and my socks find their way into these bags. No more lost socks, and they are all together when it comes time to fold them! The other tip (the best thing I ever learned from my ex husband!) was, when you have a stain tie a loose knot in the arms/legs of the item. It will stand out when you are loading the washer so you can treat it with stain remover.

I have learned from experience that it is so much easier to clean as you go. Whether you are making a meal or anything else. After I finish cooking, the site of a completely messy kitchen is such a downer! Now I at least attempt to throw things in the dishwasher or put ingredients away as I go!

One of the little things that I do is put my kids’ socks into a lingerie bag before doing the laundry. It keeps them safe from getting sucked into the washing machine’s parts (which of course happened the one time I didn’t bother with the bag,) and when I take the bag out of the dryer I can hand it to my 3-year-old so she can sort the socks for me.

The littlest thing I do is coffeepot related. Once I finish my cups in the morning, I fill the reservoir with water and, depending on how much time I have before work, either cycle through the water or wait til I get home from work. It cleans my coffeemaker, and, I have some piping hot water to do some pre-soaking dishes, clean the stove, or even pour down the drain with baking soda and vinegar!

one little thing that goes a long way for me is making dinner a day in advance when I know I’m going to be really busy!

Little things we do that go a long way? Does taking five minutes to comment on a blog post count? I could make a $300 gift card to target go a loooooong way! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Cute illustration! I’m excited to turn my computer on and download it. Something I do that goes a long way…I have my toddler eat in his underwear! Laundry is expensive and obnoxious πŸ™‚ my sisters tease me he will strip down to his undies on a future date haa! But it’s so nice, less stains and less laundry!

I recently painted my refrigerator with chalkboard paint and keep a small bowl of chalk handy. A previously overlooked surface has become more than just a place to hang pictures with magnets – I decorate the freezer door around the holiday or season and use the fridge door for to-do list, shopping lists, love notes and a guest book! Everyone loves decorating it!

oh the lil things….. there are oh so many. taking shoes off at the door is my biggest!! clean floors equals happy wore and mama!

Doing chores in batches is a lifesaver. I cook several meals for the week ahead on Sunday and pick out the kids’ outfits for the entire week to cut down on mid-week insanity.

I really feel that a quick phone call to my mom or a friend can really do a lot for my mood. Even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes, a quick chat can give me that extra boost I need.

One of the best feelings in the world comes from having an empty kitchen sink, which can be difficult when you cook a lot and when you have small children. I’ve left dishes in the sink overnight thinking it’d be easier to tackle them the next day, but who wants to wake up to a pile of dirty dishes? I’ve started to make sure that the dishes are washed after every meal so that I can avoid a backed up dish pile. For me, this is (unfortunately) a new habit and it makes life so much easier.

I put away the clean dishes every night before I go to bed so that it is ready for the dirty ones throughout the next day. It goes a long way to keeping the kitchen/sink clean ALLLL day.

I own a lot of necklaces (even though I cycle through the same 3-4). In order to encourage myself to wear all of them more, I drilled some hooks into the bathroom wall and hung them there, organized by type of metal, length, and favorites. Now that I can see them all, I find I wear a larger variety!

Excited about this giveaway! One of the little things I did is write an order of application cart for all the skincare and makeup products I own and hang it by my sink. Then whenever I grab a product I can double check that it’s the right one I’m supposed to use next.

What a great giveaway! The little thing I do in the house that has made the most difference is storing things where they’re used. It sounds so logical, and it is, but it really cuts down on needless searching and makes it easier to put things away when we’re down with them. Hurray to the little things!

Cleaning up while I cook dinner makes my life so much easier. That, and setting up the coffeemaker the night before!

When I’m cleaning the counters off, I wipe crumbs onto a rag (instead of the floor- lazy!). It keeps my kitchen floor cleaner for longer πŸ™‚

We recently put up a weekly calendar in the kitchen that lists everyone’s activities/events/appointments; so much easier to keep track of everything!

A little thing: a over the door shoe organizer for all our umbrellas, hats, mittens, baby shoes and socks, etc in our coat closet.

Cleaning the kitchen every night after dinner makes the next day for me go so much better!

We started to do a 10 minute clean up before bed time each night. Not everything gets put away, but at least the living room floor gets cleared!

One thing I do totally for me: match a batch of steel cut oats for the week and then portion it out. If I don’t eat in the morning, I’ll make bad decisions, the oats+almond butter+banana is filling and healthy, my mind works better all morning long because I just do not make good decisions + work well when I am so hungry that I can’t think straight πŸ™‚

Also, my mom used Gain and I use Gain and my sisters use Gain. We love it, and have never used anything else!

Meal planning and an amazing app called Wunderlist — where I can share shopping and other lists with my boyfriend. Keeps us in sync!

I’m trying harder to do things immediately when I think they need to get done, if I have the time. Like last night I told my husband that the kitchen floor needed to be mopped and I’d try to do it the next day if I had time. Instead, I mopped it after doing dishes while he played with our daughter. Now it’s done and I don’t have to worry about finding time to do it today! And it doesn’t pile on to other chores that need to be done.

After dinner we make everyone’s lunches for the next day so we have one less thing to do in the morning. Also we get the coffee ready the night before and we have it on a timer so it is ready and waiting for us when we wake!

Making meals ahead of time and freezing them is something that keeps me sane after a long day at the office.

Prepping meals the night before! That way, I can throw things together when I get a few minutes.

Right now it’s getting the breast pump set up the night before so I can pump first thing…

i clean the bathroom one step at a time throughout the week…so i feel like i never really have to do it! i wipe down the counters one day, clean the toilet bowl another, mop the floor another..and suddenly it’s all done come saturday πŸ™‚

Laundry doesn’t bother me, but what I really dislike is starting the day with a dirty house. Each night my husband and I take turns putting our little boy to bed and the other runs through our little apartment putting away scattered toys and doing dishes. I firmly believe that a clean house makes each new day run smoother.

a little thing i do before heading off for you is take 5 minutes to pick up the house. whether that just means making the bed & straightening up the couch, or doing last night’s dishes, it makes a huge difference when we get home from work to a “clean looking” home.

I help my kids do their home work when they get home from school, and make their school lunches right after we finish dinner- sometimes I pack whatever we had for dinner for their lunch the next day. It makes our morning routine go so much quicker because there is less to forget.

I pack lunches at night after dinner, and I always make the bed! Even if the house is a mess it gives the illusion of tidiness.

I just started always making the bed as soon as I wake up. Even if there are clothes or shoes on the floor or things are a bit dusty, having the bed made makes my bedroom feel tidy for the entire day.

I pack lunches in the evening after dinner, and I always make the bed. Even if the rest of the house is a mess it gives the illusion of tidiness!

i listen to podcasts while doing chores on Saturday morning – it makes the time pass quickly and is more enjoyable. Then by the afternoon all of the chores are done and we have a clean house!

I take just a couple of minutes to tidy up the kitchen counter every night before bed… it helps mentally to start every day fresh, and it helps keep things from ever getting crazy messy too!

I try to take 10 minutes each evening to walk through the house and collect things that need to be put away. It feels great to have things in order and helps me enjoy the rest of the evening. It’s also wonderful to start fresh the next day!

One little thing I do is to wash my dishes as I go while cooking/baking. There are often multiple steps with little lags in between that offer a great opportunity to quickly wash dirty dishes while I am already in the kitchen keeping an eye on things. Dirty dishes in the sink make me a little crazy, so this has been the perfect solution for me!

I have 2 bins inside my closet. One is for dirty clothes and the other one is for clothes that are still clean and I can re-wear. I am not good at hanging stuff back in the closet everyday and sometimes my room will be a mess by the end of the week. But now, it is all organized in those bins and every Saturday I re-hang everything.

I started buying gain flings to make things easier actually! My apartment is a fourth floor walk up and lugging the giant bottle of detergent to/from the laundromat was just not working for me. Grabbing a few of the pods is way easier! I’m totally sold on these little guys.

I give my 2 and 4 year old daughters dust cloths and a little spray bottle. They help me with cleaning and dusting. They also like to help sort the laundry. It’s cute and it also teaches them the importance of helping out with household chores! Thanks for the nice giveaway.

I used to wipe down and tidy up the bathroom when my daughter was in the tub at night–we always had a clean toilet and fresh sink. As she’s gotten older, I’ve fallen out if the habit–and she’s stopped those nightly tubs– but when I was in that groove, it was great and so easy.

I put all the laundry away as soon as it comes out. Otherwise it would sit in the basket for days.

Taking 10 minutes, right when I walk in the door after getting home, to tidy up… it gives me the rest of the night to enjoy my awesome family!

Washing my dishes while the food is baking. It helps to prevent a giant buildup of dishes in the sink!

I have taught all three of my kids since they started kindergarten ( the kids are 17, 14 and 11) to wake up to an alarm clock and come down dressed for breakfast I haven’t counted, but I’m sure this has saved me thousands of hours of struggle!

I let me clothes tumble in the dryer for 10-15 mins, take them out, give them a good “wave” and hang dry. Clothes dry nice and wrinkle-free. Saves ironing time!

I like to lay out all of my work clothes the night before. This saves me at least 15 minutes in the morning deciding what to wear!

I sit down every evening for at least 10 minutes and knit. So great for my peace of mind!

My boyfriend and I sync up our google calendars so we have easy communication about our lives. We’re both busy without set work schedules, so this works well for us.

I like planning all of my meals on Sunday, including making shopping lists, so I can prepare in advance for all of my meals throughout the week.

I keep our shopping list, weekly meal plan, and overall to do list on Todoist, that way everyone in our family can access it, no matter where we are. It’s especially great to use on our phone, so we can check off our shopping list in the store.

I can tend to be a bit messy, so every time I enter or leave my home I try to put one thing back into its rightful place. This helps keep my apartment tidy without having to spend a lot of time picking up.

On Sunday, I do a big run to the grocery with a plan for 5 meals to carry us through the week. Helps our rushed nights go a whole lot smoother.

Keep a calender of everything going on in the family so we all can see what’s happening each day!

I get my lunch & work clothes ready the night before – this way I can run on auto pilot in the morning!

One of the little things I do that makes my life easier is: I get my morning pot of coffee ready to go the night before, so that I can just press ‘brew’ right before my morning shower. I love exiting the shower and having my coffee all hot and ready to drink!

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