DIY Wire Bow Bracelet

diy_bow_bracelet5I haven’t done a lot of crafting with wire before, but lately I’ve got a lot of projects on my to-do list that involve wire. This wire bow bracelet was a great place to start. Easy process with a sleek, stylish result.

Keep reading to see how to make it…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Jordan Wise

Supplies: Thin steel wire (mine was .73 mm), wire pliers, wire cutters, pencil


Step 1: Cut a piece of wire about 13 inches longdiy_bow_bracelet1

Step 2: Wrap one end around a pencil. Do the same to the other end. Be sure to leave a tail for the end of the bow


Step 3: Bring the two ends together and twist one loop over another (see below)


Step 4: Make a small loop and hook on the back

Step 5: Trim the ends if needed



Simple and elegant! I’m a little concerned over the open ends – probably not safe for young ones or snaggy clothing. Perhaps the bow tie ends can be twisted up, or use a small sparkly bead?

This is awesome! I have an arts and craft blog where I do a lot of DIY things, but I haven’t seen anything like this before! Thanks for the creative suggestion!

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