DIY Standing Hat Rack

By craft contributor Caitlin

diy hat rack

It seems like Western New York isn’t the only place getting piles of snow this year. The rest of the states have been getting a surprising amount of snow and I’m sure the amount of wet hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and boots has been a shock to some of those lucky enough to usually avoid these snowy winters. This project is a great way to clean up and dry out those soggy gloves and hats strewn about! Plus it’s super easy and cheap!

diy hat rack

Keep reading for the instructions…What you need:
– Three 1/2″ x 36″ round dowels
– Hot glue gun
– Jute
*Optional – S-hooks


How to make it:
-Gather your dowels together and space the bottom out into a triangle – the space between each of the dowels should be even.
-Lean them all together and cross them about 1/4 of the way down. If you have a helper around, have them hold them together at this point. I didn’t have anyone nearby, so I used a dab of hot glue in the center of the three dowels to hold them together while I tied them.


-Tie the jute around one of the dowels and trim off the end. Use a small dab of hot glue to secure the knot down in the center to the dowels.


-Begin weaving the jute tightly around and in between each of the dowels until it feels secure.


-Now wrap tightly around all three dowels right where they cross. Finish by tying the jute around one of the dowels and hot glueing the end up into the middle of the dowels as you did at the beginning.

diy hat rack

You can easily customize this by adding s-hooks or additional dowels for extra hooks or try dipping the ends in some paint for some extra character.


This has been perfect for what I’m using it for – hats, scarves, gloves – and I pile a bunch of them on there! I dropped it while carrying it upstairs to my apartment and it held up just fine. I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything too heavy but if you have heavier items, you could try using larger dowels and screwing them together before wrapping with jute.

Lovely idea! I’ve been wanting to make a tent and clothes rack for my kid, with similar structure, for a while now. I’m just waiting until we move into a house and have some space for these awesome pieces! 🙂

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