Say Yes! (it’s not you it’s me, Hoboken)


Well, hello! You’ll notice the site has gotten a little facelift late last night, and the url is redirecting to! My sister Becca drew the watercolor logo, isn’t it pretty? A few other changes are in the works as well. I’m so excited about it. I love a little fresh design!

So you’ll notice the Hoboken bit is gone. When I started this blog I was a newlywed living in Hoboken, NJ. My favorite album was called “Say Yes to Michigan’ by Sufjan Stevens, my first sewing project were mismatched pillows, and in my downtime as a school counselor I talked about travel and shopping and our life on this blog. I didn’t put much thought into the name, Say Yes to Hoboken, as I had no idea what would become of this little space on the internet.  Things grew and changed and the name kind of stuck around. It was quirky and hard to forget, but the last couple years I’ve had this nagging feeling we should break up.  We finally decided to take a big step and drop the Hoboken  (it’s not you it’s me) by purchasing and re-branding the site as Say Yes. Hoboken, you are my first love and I’ll always have a soft spot for you but I’m glad I’ve moved on cause you were kind of cramping my style.

And so here we are,  I’m feeling really good and excited about the breakup. The url is now but if you visit, don’t worry it will just redirect to sayyes. You’ll also notice that all my social media handles are now @sayyesblog on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! If you were following me before, no need to re-follow. But keep these handles in mind for tagging purposes.

Content here won’t change much:  simple seasonal crafts, budget friendly fashion, delicious recipes, with a focus on family and practicality. I’ve always been one to dabble and embrace a variety of new hobbies (like rock climbing, sewing, or trendy leather pants) and this blog will continue to be a reflection of Saying Yes to that lifestyle.

Thank you all for being so supportive of this blog, its growth and development. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming this exciting change to Say Yes!



yes! I had a dream last year that Oh Joy told me to change the name of my blog. I think she told me to change it to Lars or House of Lars or something…but here I am with the same name…don’t know if I’m scared to do it or just don’t want to go with the hassle. I’m glad to know you feel so good about the change.

May I ask how you managed to change the Page name on Facebook? I administer a page for work which had it’s name changed once so FB does not allow me to change it again. Moreover the number of followers are over the threshold facebook gives for page name changes…

I’d be grateful for a tip!

I live in Hoboken now, and I found your blog before I moved here – so the Hoboken line will always have a place in my heart 🙂 Great new logo though!

Congrats for this fresh re-start! Super the watercolor logo! And “say yes” is the key for a lot of thing are outside our comfort zone!! I have to say it more often!! I want to hear from you about the Alt summit!! 🙂

Dropping the Hoboken was definitely a good choice for your brand, and I love the new look. The watercolour at the top looks so pretty, but I thought you should know when it first popped up on my screen I stared at it for a while because I thought it said “Yay Yes.” Now I can’t see it any other way!

Cute! And makes sense; everytime I check your blog I think “oh yeah, she’s in SF, right?” Plus, “say yes” sounds awesome. I can’t lie though, the header looks like “yay yes!” to me.

Love it! Dropping the Hoboken bit really makes more sense. 🙂

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