DIY Valentines Day Decorated Tea Cloths

DIY decorated valentines day tea clothsThis is a really simple idea for a Valentines Day gift, especially for a baker in your life. Or for yourself in an act of self love! You and I both know you have loads of heart shaped treats pinned that you’re planning on making, and these tea cloths might come in handy with all that time you’ll be spending in the kitchen next week.

DIY decorated valentines day tea clothsYou can make any design you want with these tea cloths. Here’s how I did it..

Styling and photography by Liz Stanley

DIY decorated valentines day tea clothsI used these brush tip fabric markers which were great and come in a variety of colors. I bought very soft linen and cut them into hand towel size. I wanted it to look hand ‘painted’, so I purposely did not make the designs uniform, or the hearts all the same. I’m not an artist so I stuck with simple shapes like circles, lines and hearts.

DIY decorated valentines day tea clothsYou can them hem the unfinished edges and tie them together with string and a note


Love these!
They are sooo cute!
I don’t know if this year I’m gonna DIY something “Valentine’s”, but in case the answer would be yes, I’m sure I’ll try these 😉
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