Printable Gift Wrap

This maternity leave guest post is by Melanie of You are my Fave.

printable gift wrap 1

design by Kirsten Bingham

I’m going to be a stater of the obvious right now and say the holidays are a busy time. For everyone. So to help myself out, I introduced my son to multi-tasking.


I printed off these gift wrap sheets (on 11”x17” paper) which he gets to have fun coloring  and at the same time it’s distracting him from destroying whatever project I’m working on (ahem, online gift shopping).

Keep reading for more pictures and free printable gift wrap downloads! …Paper1

If you need to keep little hands busy and want some cute gift wrap while you’re at it – these patterns are ready for you to download, print, and distract with. Bonus, your mom will love receiving her gift wrapped in a piece of art from her grandchild.

printable wrapping paper

Click the links below to download your own wrapping paper!

Tree Paper
Ornament Paper


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This is such an adorable idea! I’d love to use washi tape to attach a row of crayons to the gift box, tape large sheets on a wall for a coloring activity (great for parties), or use as a tablecloth on Christmas morning at the kids table.

Do you know if this size file would work to print it at Staples as an engineering print (a 3×4 or 4×6 foot poster size)?

Lisa Frank 🙂

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