Peppermint Sugar Scrub

This maternity leave guest post is by Audrey of This Little Street.

peppermint sugar scrub
Oh Edie Jean – you’re such a cutie!  I hope you’re being nice to your mama. Today I am to glad to be here to help get Liz the rest that she needs and deserve. I thought that for the occasion I’d share a little DIY for the easiest of holiday gifts – peppermint sugar scrub in oh-so-cute little milk bottles.
diy peppermint scrub
Crafting gifts for the holidays is one of my favorite thing to do. While I don’t really get around to doing super advanced and complicated projects (let’s be real, who has time to knit 10 scarfs?!), I like to come up with simple gifts that will still make the receiver feel special. These little bottles filled with peppermint sugar scrub are definitely that. They are so easy to make – if you have children at home they can definitely help or even make them themselves if they are big enough.
diy striped bottles
I have my two little girls at home, and we actually made these together to give to their pre-school teachers as a little holiday gift. We mixed the sugar scrub together, it only took a few minutes and the girls ooooooh-ed and aaahhhhh-ed at the lovely smell of peppermint!
Read on for the instructions on how to make these bottles of peppermint sugar scrub...
What you need:
– Milk bottles
– Glitter ribbon, like this.
– Gift tags
– twine
– Felt balls – optional but a nice touch 🙂
– white sugar
– brown sugar
diy ribbon jars
 What you do: 
1. Cut pieces of ribbon long enough to wrap around your bottles. I cut 4 pieces on mine, but the number of pieces you will need and their size will depend on the size/shape of your bottle.
2. Peel off the paper on the back of the ribbon, and stick the ribbon on the bottles.
peppermint sugar scrub
3. Thread twine through the felt balls with a needle, and attach your gift tag to the twine.
4. Mix you sugar scrub: 1 part brown sugar, 1 part white sugar and a few drops of peppermint oil  until you like how it smells -be careful though, it’s very strong!
5. Fill up your bottles and close them. Quick tip: If your bottles don’t have a cap like mine, just cut up a round piece of cute fabric and secure it with a rubber band around the top of the bottle.
diy sugar scrub
6. Et voila, you are done!
diy ribbon jars
These bottles are actually so cute that they also make perfect little vases to have around your house for the holidays. I actually made a few of them to keep in our home, and just love looking at them – they are so festive and instantly bring on that little holiday feel 🙂


Hi there. I found your post on Pinterest and I love these! I know what the girls at the office are getting for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

how do you use this scrub? ive seen it elsewhere but mixed with oil od some sort

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