Happy New Year!

2013We are packing up for a quick trip up to Point Reyes right now. When we stay home for Christmas, we like to do something so it feels special, whether it’s a trip up to Lake Tahoe, a staycation in our own city, or a few days exploring the coast. Before we head out and sign off on 2013 though, I wanted to acknowledge a few highlights of the year.  2013 might have been the best year I can remember in the recent past! We had fantastic growth here at Say Yes hiring two assistants, a blog manager, several new contributors, plus lots of great opportunities for collaboration and brand partnership. It’s been so much fun continuing to grow this business that started from a hobby when I was a school counselor living in Hoboken. Personally though, 2013 it was huge. We finally, after years of dealing with secondary infertility, got pregnant, enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and then welcomed a beautiful little girl, Edie Jean, to our family in November. I don’t remember a year that was filled with more happiness, love, relief, humility, and satisfaction than this past year. Thank you all so much for your support here: reading, sharing, and all the kind words on everything from craft projects to pregnancy milestones. It means so much to me. Posting will be a little slow the next few days as I get back into the swing of things, full time blogging with a newborn is tricky business. We have a nanny starting later this week though and I have lots of fun projects I’m excited to start working on again! It’s been a nice maternity leave break from blogging but I really have missed it and have missed you guys!  2014 is going to be a great year, I can feel it.  I wish you all a fantastic 2014 as well. Ring out wild bells! xoxo, Liz


I loved hearing you say what a wonderful year 2013 was for you and your family. After a few challenging years we are definitely ready for a year like that and hearing you say you enjoyed just such a year fills my heart with hope that those years do exist and can be a part of my life too. I am working on having a lot of hope and joy for this coming year and praying for a few miracles. Every bit of encouragement helps. Hooray for your beautiful year and here is hoping 2014 is even more fabulous for you, your family and your business. I will continue to enjoy following along.

There are always ups and downs in life, and this year was an up year for sure. We’ve had plenty of down years though too, believe me. I always think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel though and I firmly believe all the hard times make the good times that much more sweet. Very best of luck to you and your family for a fantastic and happy year, Kalani!

I’ve loved following along this year! Are you coming to ALT? If so, looking forward to meeting you – your talk about ALT in the past few years was the push I needed to finally make it happen this year.

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