Glitter Belts and Bag

This maternity leave guest post is by Audrey of This Little Street.

DIY glitter belt

Here’s a little something that can be made as a last minute Christmas present – or that you can also make for yourself to wear for New year’s! Nothing says party all night like a little shine on your accessories, right? Personally, even on regular days I love to add a little sparkle to my outfits because it instantly makes me feel like a million bucks!
diy glitter bag
These pretties are super easy to make and let your add personality to plain to your accessories. All your need is, well, anything in leather that you like (a belt, a bag, a cute little wallet) and some leather acrylic paint….yeah, leather paint also comes with glitter and it’s pretty fab if you ask me!
Keep reading for the how to…
diy glitter belt
What you need: 
– Leather goods, vintage or new. I bought all of mine at Target.
– Glitter leather paint, like this.
– Other non-glitter leather acrylic paint, like this.
Here is what you do: 
1. If you are using vintage leather, make sure that it is clean before you start painting.
2. Start painting your pattern – whatever you fancy! And you know my motto, “when in doubt, polka dot!” Polka dots are always super easy and you can’t really mess them up – just make sure you don’t have too much paint on your brush and you should be good. For the bag, I picked some of the details of the bag and used paint to create accents. Let’s be honest, I eye-balled these for my project, but you might consider using masking tape to protect the leather around the area that you are painting
3. If your embellishments are small, you’ll probably only have to do one coat. For bigger embellishments, you will need 2 or 3 coats until you get the coverage that you want. Note: If you want to cover a much larger area, first apply a solution of 1 part paint and 1 part water to the leather’s surface. This will prepare the surface for the application of undiluted paint.

4. Let it dry, et voila – you’re done! All you’ve got to do now is wrap these in pretty wrapping paper, and you’ll have yourself a perfect little gift for your sister or your girlfriends!

diy glitter belts


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