Gift Guide: For the Crafter

By fashion editor Ashley

crafter gift guide

Chances are, you are the “crafter” on your list… so feel free to pass this guide on to your husband, sister, parents etc. There is no shame in asking for exactly what we want, right? If you aren’t the crafter, this guide is full of great options for the crafter in your life. Some ideas are simple…basic (but fun) supplies… and some are ideas to expand your crafters horizon. Either way, happy shopping!

Click through for links and descriptions on these craft gifts….1. Crafting Book: Today a lot of crafters get their ideas and inspirations from online but there is still a lot to be said for holding a good book full of ideas in your hands. This knitting book by Emma Robertson of Emmadime is beautifully done and full of ideas and inspirations for those who like to knit, or even those who want to get into knitting. If knitting isn’t really your thing… no worries! There are endless craft books out there on endless subjects! One year I gave my mom a book on making your own bags and she loved it.

2. Animal Felting Kit: Craft kits are a fun option because it gives you all the supplies and instructions you need. Good for the crafter that can get off track while wondering the craft store looking for supplies (me! me!). This kit is from Etsy and is only one of thousands of different kits you can get online.

3. Martha Stewart Paints: These are my favorite craft paints because they come in great colors and finishes. Plus they are multi surface, which means they can work on fabric, glass, wood etc etc. A crafter can never have too many paints in too many colors. This would even be fun to stuff a couple in a stocking (hint hint husbands).

4. Neon Colored Pencils: Everything is more fun in neon, right? This pencils are perfect to add to an crafters collection.

5. Embroidery Kit: Another great kit option, this embroidery kit from Williams-Sonoma is one of many options on their site. This kit is great for all ages… give it to your 12 your old daughter to learn a new skill or your 80 your old grandma who is always looking for a project to work on.

6. Matching Desk Set: Cute staplers and tape dispensers are the stuff that us women dream about, am I right? This set from Poppin comes in a variety of colors and could be the perfect thing to spice up your crafters desk.

7. Nice Sewing Scissors: Nice scissors are mandatory for any crafters collection. I remember growing up that mom’s scissors were off limits! Especially for cutting paper. I love these beautiful scissors with the gold handles. In fact I think I need a pair for my collection.


These are all really great ideas that I never would have thought of. The embroidery kit is a cute idea. Thank you!

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