DIY Cement Faceted Key Chain

By craft contributor Caitlin
Final 1I hope you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday and got to spend some time relaxing and enjoying family before you have to get back into your normal routine. If you happen to have some extra time off over the next few days, this is a pretty quick (and super adorable) project that you could make as a gift for yourself for making it through the holidays in one piece!Keep reading to see how to make it…

-Anchoring Cement
-Glue and/or Tape
-Eye Screw
-Belt Sander or Sandpaper
-Paint and Paint Brush
-Split Key Ring
Instructions 1

-Print off your desired shape on cardstock. You can find a few printables here  and here.
-Cut out and glue/tape your shape together. I used glue and then taped it for extra support. Be sure that it has an opening in the top.
-Mix your cement according to directions and scoop into your shape.
-Put your eye screw in the top of your shape. Smooth out around the screw with a knife.

Instructions 2
-Let dry according to directions. Most anchoring cement takes under one hour to set.
-Peel back the paper – you may need to use a knife to scrape off any that is stuck on.
-Use a belt sander (or sandpaper – course and then fine) to sand down the edges of your shape to make the sides more noticeable. I was able to shape mine a bit differently than the shape I had printed using the belt sander.Instructions 3
-Paint flat edges with desired colors scattered throughout the shape.
-Attach some string through the eye screw and to a split key ring.

Final 2Final 3Make a few extras or use a mold to make a big batch of shapes and let your kiddos get in on the painting!


This is genius! We used to make shapes like this with plaster of Paris, which were beautiful but not suitable for a keychain. I love this! It’s urban and gritty, but also funky and lovely. I can’t wait to try it! Happy New Year from Sydney!

When you say to “use a belt sander . . . to sand down the edges of your shape to make the sides more noticeable”, you really mean the opposite, right? Sand down the faces to make the edges more noticeable. Right?

Anyway, neat craft!

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