Left Half of the Sunroom: The Workspace

sunroom5I mentioned last week that the sunroom, which used to be just my workspace, was now sharing space with the nursery. I thought I’d share pictures today of the left half of the sunroom: the workspace, and tomorrow you’ll get to see right half of the sunroom which is the baby’s nursery. It was a challenge to consolidate all of my craft and sewing supplies, photography equipment, styling pieces, and general workspace into half of a pretty small room but I’m happy with how it’s all come together. It’s been a long process figuring it all out and finding the right things to work in this space.

Keep reading to see more pictures and details of the workspace…

sunroom3I knew we needed more storage from the start. We already had one bookshelf, but needed one more to make up for the space issue. Everything now fits on these two big billy bookshelves: fabric (after a good clean out), sewing machine and supplies, craft supplies, styling pieces, and tools.

sunroom6I desperately needed a new worktable. I had been working on a folding one. I wanted one that was attractive but still functional and was long and thin so it could be pushed up against the wall and between the two large bookshelves. It’s a fun place to work with my assistant because these windows overlook the sunny community garden. I absolutely love the soft lighting in this room too (6 windows!) and rarely need even whiteboards to bounce light for photoshoots.

sunroom2(Driftwood worktable from Euro Style Lighting but currently out of stock, stools from Target, bookshelf from Ikea, painting from a flea market in Paris, roll up fabric blinds from Ikea)

sunroom4Against the west facing windows we have a white drawer unit with all my small crafting tools, paper, stamps, etc. I also have all my backdrops and surfaces for photoshoots stored behind this drawer unit as well. The window we’re looking out below is where I shoot most of my  projects. I also have this small but handy laptop stand not pictured to shoot on that I got from Ikea in the As Is section for $10!). sunroom1The magnetic whiteboard is one of my favorites parts. It helps me stay so much more organized! This thin piece was leftover from a project in Henry’s room (photo and explanation toward the end of the post) and perfect for this space. You nail it straight to the wall (so easy) and can write right on it with dry erase markers- it comes off even easier than a dry erase board! Right now we’ve got projects listed while we’re waiting for this baby to arrive, but normally it’s grouped by weekly projects and to-do items.

(Drawer unit from Ikea)

Stay tuned…tomorrow is the nursery side!


The space looks great… I’m motivated to organize my workspace which will be next to a crib soon, too! Hope you are feeling good…

Looks fantastic and that table is great, too bad it’s not in stock i’ll have to check back!

Looks great, and impressive you could fit it all in half a room. Would love to work and shoot in there too!

yay it all came together! looks great, and A+ for those stools. 🙂

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