Happy Thanksgiving!

family1Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! Oh how I love this holiday. My sisters are in town with their kids/husbands/boyfriends etc, and so are my parents. They’ve rented a cute Victorian home just a couple miles or so away and we’ll be having Thanksgiving over there this afternoon. I’m working on a fancy cheese plate, a chocolate pie, and my aunt’s famous cheesecake.  This holiday is especially wonderful with a new member of our family. Edie Jean has been such a good baby so far (knock on wood!). She sleeps long stretches at night and when she cries there always seems to be a legitimate reason. This is the complete opposite of how Henry was as an infant! My mother still insists Henry was the worst baby she had ever known. HA! Also, the recovery has been so much better this time having had a vbac.  I’m feeling very grateful today for so many things. Holidays were always a difficult marker of time through the years we dealt with secondary infertility so this time around the holidays are finally feeling happy and magical to me once again. I hope you’ve having a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, friends.

xoxo, Liz

PS more pictures of Edie and our Thanksgiving adventures on Instagram


Liz, I recently contributed to your infertility series…offering advice on what to say to someone struggling to conceive. After three years and four IVFs, I am THRILLED to share with you that we are expecting in early June. Reading your blog and seeing Edie has given me so much hope. Next thanksgiving, we too will have a new little bundle to celebrate with, and the holidays do once again feel magical. Blessings xx


Happy Thanksgiving!

You need to update your “About Me” to include precious little Edie Jean!


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