DIY Reversible Baby Booties

I asked Liz Bryson of my favorite sewing blog, Cotton and Curls, to share a baby DIY with us today. These booties turned out adorable, don’t you think? I might have to make a version for myself. Enjoy!

Within the last few weeks the weather has become chillier and the feelings of the holidays have really started to set in. So naturally, a pair of slippers for the entire family was only fitting (along with robes and fleece pajamas of course). But then it dawned on me, my littlest doesn’t have a pair of cozy booties.

IMG_5802cI immediately (literally that day) went to me sewing machine and whipped these up! They were so easy and turned out darling. I only used scraps and 20 minutes while I let my kids fill up on left over Halloween candy. I ended up making a pair with quilted black leather too.

IMG_5744cPerfect for this upcoming winter and holidays (and maybe an easy Christmas gift?), done and done!

Keep reading for full instructions…

1. Take 5 measurements of a shoe. (1) Around the front of the shoe, starting about the middle and add 1/2″. (2) Around the back of the shoe, starting from the middle add 1″. (3) across the top of the shoe from base to the middle, to the other side. (4) front tongue to front. (5) back from top of shoe to bottom.
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2. Draw out the pieces with the measurements (1-5 from above matching the picture below) you took. They will look like below. When you cut out the back part, start by cutting it into a rectangle with the added 1″, then cut a bit off both sides and curve the bottom. Cut out the sole of the shoe by tracing the shoe straight onto fabric. Repeat with the opposite fabric.
3. Pin and sew the front part to the sole, then the back panel to the sole, with the back panel overlapping onto the top tongue piece. Repeat with the fur.
4. Turn both sewn together halves of the shoe right side out. Then pin the long, back panel pieces together, outside of the material touching. Sew.
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5. Turn the shoe halves inside out and slide the whole ribbon in between the top corner of the back pieces leaving a little edge out, pin and sew. the edge of the pieces together.
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6. Flip one of the halves inside the other, the tongue or front pieces will be unsewn. Sew 2 button holes about an inch apart in the front.
7. Pull the edge of the fur front the front piece over a 1/4″ over the edge of the front piece of the felt. Hand sew or top stitch it down. Leave the bottom 3/4″ on both sides unsewn allowing the back panel to move a little.
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Could you clarify the ribbon and how to insert them in the button holes for me please! Help!

What a great idea! These would be so adorable to add to a baby shower gift or to give your child to use with her baby dolls.

These are SO CUTE! Love the result and they look pretty easy. Button holes though, never made those…

OMG, these are adorable! I wish I had sewing skills, as I have a little baby girl arriving in February:)

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