Mint Green Favorites

motorola-mint-01If you had to describe yourself as a color, what would it be? This was a interesting question that was poised to me by Motorola and it made me think for a minute or two. They asked me to pick a color combination for their phone that reflected my personality and the color I came up with was mint green.

Keep reading to see how I came up with that color and links for these favorite mint green items above…

motorola logoBrought to you by Motorola Moto X: Thousands of combinations. Design yours.


I was thinking because I like spending time in the outdoors and doing a lot of active stuff (when I’m not super pregnant), the color green might be a good reflection of me. Then I thought added the mint as well because, well, I kind of like following trends and mint is a trendy version of green right now. Also, being in full nesting mode, pastels are a big draw to me currently. Baby girl’s got a couple mint green leggings already washed and folded on a shelf. What color would you choose to represent you?

1. Bike Basket
2. Motorola phone
3. Bow ring
4. Leather journal
5. Converse sneakers
6. Hans Wegner wishbone chair
7. Smeg fridge
8. Volcom backpack

Graphics by Ashley Aikele


The bow ring is adorable! I’d definitely pick fire-engine red. I love red, its energy, its drama. Then I would pick jewel tones, especially ox-blood or emerald.

Good choose! I love the color and the ítems! Specially the Bike basket!
greatings from Spain!

Ahhh mint green <3 One of my favourite colours.

I would choose a blue to represent me. I can see the colour but I can't describe it.


That is a very interesting question. I love all the mint green selections, especially the retro fridge. If I had to choose, it would be eggplant purple!

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