Happy Halloween!

halloween ballons


We’ve got chili, cornbread, and pumpkin cookies on the menu for tonight and a little trick or treating of course. I’m leaving in a bit to see Henry perform in an Alphabet Halloween play in his K class (he’s the letter X), and then a potluck, parade, and Halloween dance party afterwards. Cute! Can’t wait. After a church party this weekend, I’ve decided Henry’s ‘zombie vampire’ costume is a little too scary for a 5 yr old although he looooves it of course so I need to figure out a way to tone it down, it’s making me miss the days of cute costumes. Remember when he was a surprised owl, bat, and ghost?

Also, here are a few cute last minute ideas to make the day a little more spooky: bat and ghost garland, trick or treat tote printable, zombie pumpkins, fang napkin holders.

Hope you have a fun day planned!


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