Halloween Potato Stamping Kids Craft

halloween kids craft potato printingI know it’s barely October but we’ve got lots of fun projects coming down the pipeline, seeing as this is my favorite month of the year! I’ve never really tried potato printing before, but it turns out a potato is very forgiving and these shapes weren’t too difficult at all to create. Henry and I discussed some options and came up with bat, pumpkin, witch hat, and ghost.

halloween kids craft potato stampThese would be great for Halloween party invites, cards, garlands, or to decorate a trick or treat bag. So much to do with them!

Keep reading to see instructions on making your own set…

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler

Step 1: Wash and dry potatoes. Then cut potatoes in half, we cut one long ways so we would have room to make the bat.


halloween kids craft potato printingStep 2: We pulled out all sorts of tools from the kitchen but in the end just ended up using a small pairing knife to cut after making initial design marks with a pencil. Each of these took about 10 minutes to make, just to give you an idea on time.

halloween kids craft potato stampsStep 3: Print! We first tried to dry them off at much as possible, and then applied paint with a small brush. We used just plain old craft paint. BE careful to not add too much paint, otherwise it will slip around too much. We could often get 2-3 prints out of each paint application. If you don’t mind the irregularities of potato printing, then this project is for you because each stamp is unique and sometimes they don’t turn out perfect!

halloween kids craft potato printingAfter stamping with Henry, I actually cleaned ours off and then stuck them in the freezer, I wonder if they’ll last a few weeks so we can use them again? We’ll see!


These stamps are really cute, would make a pretty runner too for a party

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