DIY Skeleton Wall Hangings

By craft contributor Caitlin

Skeleton Wall Hanging 1

Halloween has never been a holiday that has been easy decorating for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and chowing down some candy, but making my house look all spooky is just not my style. (I’m a scaredy cat, folks!)


But lately I’ve been really into making simple hand drawn posters and I thought this project would be the perfect way to bring some Halloween atmosphere into my house.

Skeleton-wall-hanging 3

Instructions below…

Skeleton Wall hangings 5

What you need:
-Poster board/Cardboard (Any durable material that you can draw on)
-Drawing media of choice (permanent marker, paint and paint brush, colored pencils, etc.)

How to make it:

Skeleton Wall Hanging 7
-Cut out a few pieces of your poster board in various sizes.
Skeleton Wall Hanging 6
-Look up vintage skeletal system images (I used human and cat!) and sketch them lightly onto your pieces. If you aren’t comfortable with freehand sketching them, you can always print some out and trace them. Here are some links to sketches online you can trace… one, two, three.
Skeleton Wall Hanging 8
-Go over the pencil sketch with your chosen media. I used paint and a thin permanent marker.
Skeleton Wall Hanging 9
-Hang them and enjoy your Halloween decor that isn’t too spooky!


These are so cool- I don’t think I could freehand but I love the idea of tracing! Maybe this is a silly question, but once you trace with tracing paper, how do you get it on the real paper?

I love everything on your shelf, from the witchy boot to the old-looking clock. Very subtle way to decorate for halloween, which is what I like best:)

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