DIY Nail Polish Marbled Pumpkins

marbledpumpkins12I loved the easter egg project Stephanie did and thought it might be fun to use nail polish in a similar way to make half dipped mini marbled pumpkins for Halloween. It was fun to experiment with color combinations and design. Have you ever used nail polish in this way before? This was my first time and now my head is spinning with other ideas.


Keep reading to see the instructions in three easy steps…

Styling and photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler

Step 1: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water (a plastic bowl is even better so you don’t have to clean out the nail polish afterwards)


Step 2: Gently pour a few colors of nail polish in. I was a fan of the gold combined with red and cobalt blue. Don’t pour too much (above is just about right). If it sinks, the water isn’t the right temperature. Swirl a little with a stick until you reach the desired look. marbledpumpkins3Step 3: Holding your mini pumpkin by one end, dip half in pretty quickly and then set on some paper to dry. You have to work fast. After about 20 seconds, the nail polish will start to seize up (especially if you have a window open which I recommend because of fumes). We dipped a couple and then it started to seize so we cleaned it out and started with a new design.

marbledpumpkins6We tried to dip the other end too after the first half was dry but I liked the look of only half dipped in the end, and also it was almost impossible to recreate the design afterwards.


Did anybody try dipping the whole thing by holding the stem? Just curious if that would work or not? Very cool idea.

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