DIY Halloween Mirror Decals

halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft2Henry’s been on my case for not decorating the house much yet for Halloween after seeing some spooky houses all decked out this weekend, so we are working on some fun decorating projects this week. This is a really easy DIY idea to spookify your mirrors around the house for Halloween. When you look through the mirror you’ll see a Halloween version of yourself as a bat, ghost, jack-o-lantern, witch, or whatever spooky character you want to make.
halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft4Leave them up in various mirrors around the home for a fun Halloween surprise when your family gets up in the morning or for when guests try to reapply their makeup.

halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft3Keep reading to see the full instructions and more photos, and see more of my fall projects right here...

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler

Paper bag or plastic wrap
Construction paper


halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft6The hardest part was getting the right proportions when you looked into the mirror. The easiest way we found to do it was taping up a piece of plastic wrap or a plastic bag and asking someone to stand comfortably in front of the mirror. Then looking through it, draw on the bag or plastic wrap with a marker where the eyes, mouth, nose are.

halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft7Using that template you create, cut out various shapes, faces, and ghoolish characters with construction paper.

halloween_mirror_decals_kids_craft5Tape them on the mirrors and you’re done!


this is too good. i’ve been loving all the halloween decorations around the neighborhood lately. since i didn’t grow in SF i always wondered what it’d be like to go trick-or-treating in the city, you know – with all the hills, stairs and apartments. i’m in a more family friendly hood now, so it’ll be interesting to see!

Yes, it’s definitely a little trickier! There are certain neighborhoods that have traditionally been trick or treating spots so you often have to travel to those and it can be quite a scene there too! It’s fun, the houses go all out, Henry still remembers the houses decorated from last year

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