DIY Halloween Donut Hole Ghosts

donut hole ghostsI’ve seen a few different versions of cake pops decorated as ghosts before and of course we all grew up on the tootsie pop/tissue ghost variety, but I thought it would be really much more simple and cuter to make powdered donut hole versions covered in mesh and some string for a sweet Halloween treat. Really, you don’t need much of an excuse to eat more donuts this month. I’m not sure how donuts became an October tradition but I’d like to go on record as most definitely not complaining about it. In fact, I’m still salivating over that apple cider donut recipe from a couple weeks ago.

donut hole ghosts
donut hole ghosts supplies

Keep reading to see how to make these spooky Halloween treats!

Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Isabelle Ambler

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Donut holes
Mesh cut into squares
Royal icing
Black construction paper
Hole Punch
Candy sticks


Step 1: Cut squares of mesh about 5 x 5 inches

donutholeghosts3Step 2: For each ghost, hole punch 2 black dots for the eyes and cut an oval for the mouth

donutholeghosts4Step 3: Carefully insert the candy stick  into the donut hole, wrap it evenly with mesh and tie a piece of string underneath

donutholeghosts5Step 4: Using royal icing (here’s a recipe), stick the eyes and mouth onto the outside of the mesh. You might be tempted to use glue, but if you want those donut holes edible you’ll need to stick to edible glue (aka royal icing!)donut hole ghosts

You can either use them as cake topper, or stick them in covered styrofoam for a simple party spread. Or, in our case, just eat them one by one. A tip, make sure you remove them by from the cake or styrofoam by the stick, not the head!


I am going to do these for my daughter’s kindergarden class. Thanks for the wonderful idea, the kids are sure to love them 🙂

So cute!!! I now want to do this and bring it at work for Halloween! Thank you for the inspiration! J’adore!

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